SAP observability widened by Dynatrace & SoftwareOne collaboration

What’s better than one enterprise sofwarehaus? Two of course. This month sees Swiss SoftwareOne Holdings AG open new observability views into SAP environments by working with Dynatrace. The collaboration is hoped to allow companies to use  AI to optimize SAP systems and IT infrastructure for business efficiency, security and compliance

Headquartered in Stans, Switzerland, SoftwareOne is a provider of end-to-end software and cloud technology solutions. The company has announced a new collaborative initiative to expand the scope of Dynatrace observability across all SAP systems. Using SoftwareOne PowerConnect for SAP solutions, data can be gathered from what has been specified as ‘most SAP products or systems’ and then sent and analysed within Dynatrace.

SAP complexity vexations

Keen to clarify why this partnership has been forged, SoftwareOne suggests that monitoring SAP Systems can be challenging due to the inherent complexity, usage of different technologies (the company specifically calls out a mix of ABAP, Java and various cloud offerings) and the sheer amount of generated data. 

PF Grillet, SAP global lead at SoftwareOne further proposes that the increasing level of integrations that SAP systems support for modernising businesses poses a challenge. He and his team think that an integrated operations and security management platform for SAP and non-SAP systems has become a critical requirement for modern businesses. 

“This collaboration is a game-changer and provides Dynatrace users with deep observability across the entire SAP ecosystem,” said Guido Deinhammer, CPO infrastructure observability at Dynatrace. “SAP customers can now leverage the power of Dynatrace AI-powered analytics and automation to optimise operations of the SAP systems based on precise data gathered by SoftwareOne PowerConnect. Use cases range from service availability and performance, user experience, cloud migration, and upgrades to security and compliance, and provide users with unrivalled insights into their SAP systems right off the bat.”

SAP systems are often integrated with non-SAP systems, but of course… SAP focuses on insights within the borders of SAP. 

Holistic analysis & troubleshooting 

Deinhammer and Grillet say that Dynatrace and SoftwareOne PowerConnect helps to run every part of IT environments effectively; achieve a comprehensive perspective of IT and business performance by merging infrastructure data with SAP data. This way, thorough holistic analysis and troubleshooting of the complete IT stack by combining Infrastructure and SAP monitoring in a single platform is possible.

“I am excited about this collaboration as we are helping new customers improve the monitoring and observability of their SAP systems”, says PF Grillet, SAP Global Lead at SoftwareOne. “Deploying and managing SAP environments is not an easy task, nor is analysing their performance and ensuring security. Complex integrations make management and operational success a challenge, but with Dynatrace and SoftwareOne PowerConnect we are providing an effective solution with pro-active alerts with an intuitive user experience. I am thrilled that we can Page 2 deliver it as part of a collaborative effort that will empower more SAP users to drive business efficiency.”

Full fidelity data extraction

SoftwareOne PowerConnect for SAP, certified by SAP, is said to ensure reliable high-quality real-time data extraction in full fidelity. It assures insights from all ABAP NetWeaver versions including ECC and S/4, Java NetWeaver and Non-NetWeaver plus most SAP SaaS solutions. 

The solution is designed to make use of all Dynatrace facilities, including cutting-edge AI and machine learning capabilities. Furthermore, it leverages diverse data sources, encompassing SAP security, performance and stability. In addition to these technical features, it also accesses business data, providing what we might call a data-informed overview of an enterprise’s performance.

SoftwareOne PowerConnect software and the connection to Dynatrace takes minutes to set up. After setting up the correct endpoints, data is sent in real-time. It enables an array of use cases by including pre-configured dashboards, KPIs and AI-powered alerting, making it easy for everyone to monitor the health of technical and business services in near real-time from day one.