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Peter van der Putten, director, AI Lab at Pegasystems
Pegasystems AI guru: welcome to automated decisioning
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is badly named. It is only as a result of us actually sourcing, corralling, feeding and managing our AI systems with real world (and very often real-time) data that we can hope to achieve reasonable, usable and...
Software AG
Software AG widens API accessibility aperture with webMethods
In the still-growing world of cloud computing and its neurally-networked fabric of interlaced layers, we have fast come to rely upon Application Programming Programming Interfaces (APIs) as a means of forming the glue between different applications and services. On paper...
Chronosphere on cloud-native observability insight
It’s a big claim. To say that your firm is the only cloud-native observability platform would be too much for any single cloud insight specialist. For balance then, Chronosphere calls itself the only cloud-native observability platform that ‘tames rampant data...
Process orchestration rising in the automation mix
Camunda is a process orchestration software company. Its software helps orchestrate complex business processes that span people, systems and devices.  As such, Camunda is obviously keen to promote process orchestration software and, further, to engage in surveys and other promotional...
API PenTesting
Cleaner clouds, the rise of API PenTesting
The rise of Application Programming Interface (API) technologies has continued apace over the last year and is set to do the same throughout 2023.
Datadog tightens leash on universal service monitoring
Datadog tightens leash on universal service monitoring
Datadog is a monitoring and security platform for cloud applications. Its SaaS platform integrates and automates infrastructure monitoring, application performance monitoring and log management. The sum result is described as a unified, real-time observability platform capable of spanning a customers’...
Cognizant ‘fuels’ SAP power for energy and utilities
Fact number one, technology modernization company Cognizant is headquartered in Teaneck – not a made-up name, it’s a real place in New Jersey. Fact number two, it’s winter 2022 and the planet is in the middle of an energy crisis...
Supermarket Sweep: the enterprise app store is open for business
As enterprise technology vendors now seek to make the software procurement process simpler and safer for clients, the use of enterprise app stores to present a ‘curated showcase of solutions’ is an appealing customer proposition for many.
The evolution of platform programmatic automation
Where did RPA come from and how are its roots related to its recent rapid development? Read the story behind screen scraping, smart workflows and AI intersection - and vitally, the road ahead.
A new intersection: IT Policy-as-Code
Moving commercial business policy forwards into the digital age requires a deeper reliance upon cloud-native automation control. Here's why business policy and IT policy-as-code is the next intersection in ERP.