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KX dials up ‘telco-grade’ generative AI
Enterprise technology is trend-based. Go to any IT trade conference some five years ago and no vendor worth their salt would be able to deliver a platform upgrade or update without talking up Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and all manner...
SAP extends cloud vision with ‘modernized’ form & functions
Cloud is modern. By its very nature, we know that cloud computing and the all wider disciplines related to the Everything-as-a-Service (XaaS) computing form a key part of our contemporary approach to modernized enterprise software application delivery and data services....
Temenos on MongoDB Atlas, caching in on banking clouds 
Temenos has published a new ‘high-water’ benchmark performance result for the company’s own Temenos Banking Cloud on Microsoft Azure and MongoDB Atlas infrastructure.  But why does any of that matter? It matters because Temenos is a company that makes enterprise...
Appian points to proficiently perfected partner practices
Appian used its 2023 partner award sessions its Appian World conference in San Diego to detail why it is calling out a specific set of winners.
Kubecon + CloudNativeCon Europe 2023 Kubernetes
The cloud contained, key Kubernetes cornerstones
What should technology practitioners be thinking about when it comes to Kubernetes?
EvolveWare points to application modernization trends
Information technology companies either name themselves after something logical related to their function (Splunk, VMware and even Tibco, the latter being The Information Bus Company), something slightly cerebral that pertains to the type of work they do (Cohesity, Snowflake and...
Progress: Impious bias leads to AI jambalaya
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is smart, the clue really is in the name. As we build out our global approach to implementing AI and now also dovetail existing advancements with the new era of generative AI for human-like chat and text...
Incorta drives ERP cloud migration with Google Cloud
Real-time business analytics company Incorta has partnered with Google Cloud as part of what is said to be a whole raft of initiatives around cloud computing and analytics deployments – and there’s a concerted ERP thread throughout. The company says...
IFS Sri Lanka drives innovation with next-gen platforms
ERP Today embarked on the IFS Sri Lanka media tour this year to witness the enterprise cloud organization’s Columbo-based innovation center and labs first-hand. Our second visit to the country, IFS appears to be leading the march to capture, nurture...
NTT Research widens vision for optics lab for future computers
As a division of parent company NTT, NTT Research, Inc. is able to proffer its own news stream and announcements. This month sees the firm announce plans to double the size of its optical research facility in 2023. The announcement...
ChatGPT API connector 
Glattes Geschäft, Software AG launches ChatGPT API connector 
Generative forms of Artificial Intelligence (AI) are, obviously, of the time and of the moment. The essential G in GPT (Generative Pretrained Transformer), we use the term generative in this sense to describe the behavior of the statistical model that...
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Copilot ‘takes off’ ERP admin 
Microsoft says it is on a mission to bring next-generation AI to every line of business. That (presumably) means AI in sales, finance, procurement, supply chain management and everything in-between right down to admin and building premises security. Perhaps more...
IFS marks 25 years in Sri Lanka 
A quarter century is worth celebrating for most people. Certainly, we know that royal families have been marking silver jubilees for at least 250 years if not longer. But for commercial organizations, this milestone is not always heralded in such...
LiveRamp and Snowflake tighten bond for ‘post-cookie marketing’ in the cloud
LiveRamp is crystallizing. More specifically, the consumer privacy, data ethics and foundational identity company is now working more closely with Snowflake, the Data Cloud (it’s a brand, caps allowed) company. But what does LiveRamp do? The company offers flexibility to...
Rootstock cloud ERP, a meaty broth or just froth?
There are ERP vendors that you know (perhaps even love) and that typically (naturally, even) fall into the list of usual suspects that drive much of the innovation in this industry. Then, like the new-age financial apps that users are...
Dynatrace: How to measure cloud’s carbon conundrum
As much as cloud computing is designed to enable us to use functions more efficiently, it also creates wastage on a variety of levels.
The birth of fusion teams
How fusion teams speed up business transformation initiatives and reduce the barrier between IT and the rest of the business.
data clean
The big clean up: welcome to data clean rooms
Data clean rooms are allowing multiple parties to combine and analyze their data in a protected environment.
More lustre in the cluster, Civo extends key Kubernetes controller
Self-styled ‘pure-play cloud-native’ service provider Civo has launched OpenCP. The company used its inaugural Civo Navigate conference held in Tampa, Florida this week to explain how its approach to cloud management technologies and tools has been augmented with this new...
Peter van der Putten, director, AI Lab at Pegasystems
Pegasystems AI guru: welcome to automated decisioning
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is badly named. It is only as a result of us actually sourcing, corralling, feeding and managing our AI systems with real world (and very often real-time) data that we can hope to achieve reasonable, usable and...
Software AG
Software AG widens API accessibility aperture with webMethods
In the still-growing world of cloud computing and its neurally-networked fabric of interlaced layers, we have fast come to rely upon Application Programming Programming Interfaces (APIs) as a means of forming the glue between different applications and services. On paper...
Chronosphere on cloud-native observability insight
It’s a big claim. To say that your firm is the only cloud-native observability platform would be too much for any single cloud insight specialist. For balance then, Chronosphere calls itself the only cloud-native observability platform that ‘tames rampant data...
Process orchestration rising in the automation mix
Camunda is a process orchestration software company. Its software helps orchestrate complex business processes that span people, systems and devices.  As such, Camunda is obviously keen to promote process orchestration software and, further, to engage in surveys and other promotional...
API PenTesting
Cleaner clouds, the rise of API PenTesting
The rise of Application Programming Interface (API) technologies has continued apace over the last year and is set to do the same throughout 2023.
Datadog tightens leash on universal service monitoring
Datadog tightens leash on universal service monitoring
Datadog is a monitoring and security platform for cloud applications. Its SaaS platform integrates and automates infrastructure monitoring, application performance monitoring and log management. The sum result is described as a unified, real-time observability platform capable of spanning a customers’...
Cognizant ‘fuels’ SAP power for energy and utilities
Fact number one, technology modernization company Cognizant is headquartered in Teaneck – not a made-up name, it’s a real place in New Jersey. Fact number two, it’s winter 2022 and the planet is in the middle of an energy crisis...
Supermarket Sweep: the enterprise app store is open for business
As enterprise technology vendors now seek to make the software procurement process simpler and safer for clients, the use of enterprise app stores to present a ‘curated showcase of solutions’ is an appealing customer proposition for many.
The evolution of platform programmatic automation
Where did RPA come from and how are its roots related to its recent rapid development? Read the story behind screen scraping, smart workflows and AI intersection - and vitally, the road ahead.
A new intersection: IT Policy-as-Code
Moving commercial business policy forwards into the digital age requires a deeper reliance upon cloud-native automation control. Here's why business policy and IT policy-as-code is the next intersection in ERP.
Machine learning in erp needs Clarity with a capital C
Develops want speed, functionality and choice with software tools, while operations want security and compliance. The worlds don't always align: to find a middle ground, what comes next is MLOps.
Qualys tightens security for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
Qualys tightens security for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
Cloud computing has evolved. Where we once discussed cloud migration, we are now increasingly talking about cloud-native development across hybrid (sometimes poly) cloud instances that are drawn from a stock of pure cloud-first DNA. This of course throws up the...