Sapphire unlocks power of ServiceNow for customers

Sapphire Systems has released a new portfolio of intelligent cloud services which allow customers in the mid-enterprise and MSP markets to apply ServiceNow’s IT operations management (ITOM) offering to accelerate their ability to deliver advanced AI-operated digital services.

Sapphire ITOM as a Service (ITOMaaS) aims to deliver proactive digital operations at a cost and convenience relevant to existing and prospective ServiceNow users who could benefit from ServiceNow’s ITOM capabilities.

The new cloud delivered services from inside the ServiceNow platform are designed around Sapphire’s ITOM experience, methodology, and successful global implementations.

The Sapphire developed offers are available off-the-shelf from Sapphire’s own ServiceNow platform. According to Sapphire, benefits of its ITOMaaS include a shift away from reactive IT operations and starting to take advantage of proactive insights and automation; no upfront investment; a rapid go-live in as little as ten days; a flat monthly fee consumption, and a fully managed service delivering continual enhancements.

Phil Taphouse, chief innovation officer and founder of Sapphire ITOM, said: “We have been enabling large enterprises to harness the power of ServiceNOW ITOM but recognized that mid-sized enterprises and particularly mid-sized MSPs wanted the power of the solution but without the complexity of designing, building, and operating it themselves. They wanted to change the game using ITOM but didn’t have enough of their own players available on the pitch. With Sapphire ITOMaaS, we provide an open goal for them to improve their IT operational maturity and capability in weeks not months, de-risking adoption and providing an assured future capability through cloud managed services. Wrapped with Sapphire ITOM’s award-winning ServiceNow capabilities we are extremely excited to be bringing our deep knowledge of the platform in an easy to consume way that we know will accelerate digital operations maturity for our customers.”