ServiceNow expands GenAI offerings with Now Assist for Virtual Agent

image of Bill McDermott, CEO ServiceNow

As announced at ServiceNow’s Knowledge event, the company has now unveiled its latest generative AI solution, Now Assist for Virtual Agent, designed to create truly conversational experiences for more intelligent self-service.

Now Assist for Virtual Agent builds upon ServiceNow’s strategy to embed generative AI across the Now Platform allowing customers to easily harness intelligence at scale and simplify and optimize digital workflows.

The solution uses generative AI to deliver more direct, relevant and conversational responses to questions and connects exchanges to digital workflows across the Now Platform. Leveraging Now Assist for Virtual Agent, customers will be able to: easily configure intelligent conversational experiences powered by GenAI, embed direct access to general purpose large language models (LLMs), such as Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service LLM or Open AI API, receive direct responses to user questions in real-time and achieve a more personalized and contextual self-service experience from the solution.

Other recently announced generative AI innovations from ServiceNow include a partnership with NVIDIA to develop custom LLMs for workflow automation, and additional features that apply generative AI to use cases across IT departments, customer service teams, employees and developers. Additionally, through its partnership with Hugging Face, the company announced the release of StarCoder, a 15 billion parameter open access large language model (LLM) for code generation.

“ServiceNow is leading the intelligence era. Years of AI investment have put us at the center of an undeniable movement,” said ServiceNow chair and CEO, Bill McDermott. “We’re building generative AI into our platform so customers can maximize their ROI: ‘return on intelligence.’ This is all about thoughtful, high-trust co-innovation as we find the balance between machine speed and human judgment. Enhanced by our strategic partnerships with NVIDIA and Microsoft, we are engineering smarter, fully automated workflows. We help our customers innovate completely new business models on ServiceNow as the intelligent platform for end-to-end digital transformation.”

“We are seeing extraordinarily rapid growth in organizations exploring potential use cases for generative AI in the enterprise,” said Neil Ward-Dutton, vice president, AI, Automation and Analytics Europe, IDC. “Use cases relating to customer and employee experience improvement, together with knowledge management, are among those at the top of the list for those organizations making the earliest moves. Generative AI advances are ushering us towards a future in which AI-powered capabilities are woven into processes, decisions, products, services and experiences of all kinds.”