Sing it loud and proud! SplashBI support Live Nation with their reporting woes

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Global live-music events promoter and venue operator, Live Nation, handles a gargantuan amount of data spread across various segments, like concerts, ticketing, artist services and sponsorship in 41 countries. Handling this much data properly required a technological upgrade.

Getting a lot of financial data in tune

Since 2011, Live Nation has been an Oracle EBS customer, moving from release 11 to 12.1.3 over time. With Live Nation’s expansion, the complexity and volume of data they handled also surged. Its current reporting platform, Discoverer, though reliable, was no longer capable of meeting the evolving requirements. The finance team, who were adept with Excel and heavily reliant on it, craved a more flexible, user-friendly solution that could meet their extensive needs.

Enter a SplashBI solution  

Live Nation found a partner in SplashBI, who came onboard to help streamline its reporting processes, trim down finance reporting timelines and otherwise support the expanding business. It understood the ERP platform to be robust and flexible, easily able to fill the gaps left by the existing reporting tools.

What really spoke to the Live Nation employees was how user-friendly SplashBI’s interface was, the flexibility of scheduling reports and the capability to run reports within Excel. Hari Tatrakal, director of data at Live Nation, was particularly receptive to the new tech adoption, he said: “Transitioning from Discover to SplashBI was like swapping a one-wheel bicycle for a Ferrari.”

The SplashBI implementation at Live Nation was a journey marked with challenges and triumphs. A high number of users accessing the database concurrently posed hurdles related to concurrency. Thankfully, the SplashBI software was adept at managing data complications. Live Nation adopted a multi-node architecture, enhancing performance and dealing effectively with high availability concerns.

Hari Tatrakal said: “We got a lot of support from SplashBI, they were very helpful in getting all the answers… [and were] instrumental in achieving success.”

Audit readiness, cost savings and enhanced performance

Resulting in almost immediate change, the implementation saw Live Nation experience notable improvements in its reporting process with SplashBI’s features. It started to witness multiple benefits: improved compliance, audit readiness, cost savings and enhanced performance.

Following the success of SplashBI’s integration, the partnership has committed to further engagements and is prepared to explore the Oracle Cloud reporting landscape with SplashBI. Analyzing its business requirements moving forward, Live Nation has opted to leverage SplashOC, SplashBI’s cloud solution, for its future operational reports.

With both entities happy with the results of the partnership, Jateen Patel, director of fintech at Live Nation, had one last sentiment to share: “Our business took to SplashBI tremendously… they just loved the UI, they loved the flexibility of scheduling reports, the ease of using the reports, the ability to run reports from within Excel.”