Smart Communications personalizes digital services with Google Cloud

person on public transport holding phone in hand | Google Cloud and Smart Communications

Google Cloud and Smart Communications, the mobile services arm of PLDT Group, have entered into a collaboration to improve the accessibility of essential digital services for Filipinos, with Searce providing technical implementation support.

Leveraging Telecom Subscriber Insights, the company can analyze customer data securely on Google Cloud and gain a better perspective on how Filipinos interact with digital services.

Smart Communications will also utilize Telecom Subscriber Insights to create more inclusive mobile services for subscribers by identifying both patterns and gaps in connectivity. With real-time insights from customer data, Smart Communications can help subscribers optimize their data consumption while streaming content by alerting the user to adjust the resolution of their video.

The company is also aiming to gain additional capabilities and enable subscribers to better interact with agents and chatbots by integrating Google Cloud’s GenAI capabilities such as Telecom Subscriber Insights and Vertex AI. With Vertex AI, Smart Communications can access and tune snapshots of these models, ground their responses with its own private corpus and integrate them into its services. Subscribers will also be able to interact with natural-sounding, virtual agents that offer more tailored and accessible insights into their personal data consumption.

Gabriele Di Piazza, senior director, global product management, telecommunications, Google Cloud, said: “As CSPs are increasingly put under pressure to deliver transformative customer experiences tailored to individual needs, the ability to navigate and understand complex datasets has become critical for achieving success.

“With Telecom Subscriber Insights, Smart can extract customer insights in real-time, while leveraging the product’s machine learning capabilities to inform digital sales opportunities based on customer readiness, price sensitivity and lifetime value.”

Alex O. Caeg, senior vice president and head of consumer business-individual, Smart Communications, Inc said: “Our collaboration with Google Cloud to be the first communication services provider in Asia Pacific to adopt Telecom Subscriber Insights will empower us to better serve Filipino mobile users whenever they need us. This is a huge step toward our commitment to always put our customers first and provide them with the best mobile experience powered by our superior network.”