SNP and Snowflake launch Data Streaming for SAP app

The Las Vegas skyline Snowflake SNP SAP Cloud

SNP and Snowflake have launched the Data Streaming for SAP app for the Cloud, making the announcement at the 2023 Snowflake Summit held in Las Vegas. This app, built using Snowflake’s Native App Framework, is now available on the Snowflake Marketplace.

The Data Streaming for SAP app simplifies the integration of SAP systems with Snowflake, enabling organizations to quickly and securely integrate SAP data. With this solution, data latency associated with integrating streaming data volumes is significantly reduced.

Chris Child, senior director of product management at Snowflake, expressed his excitement, said: “The Snowflake Native App Framework enables key partners like SNP to build in the Data Cloud with an entirely new type of app.

“SNP’s Data Streaming for SAP app will make it easier for organizations to integrate and get value from SAP data within their Snowflake accounts, while bringing efficiency and reducing data latency for customers.”

SNP’s Data Streaming for SAP app brings substantial value to customers by facilitating seamless integration and maximizing the potential of SAP data within their Snowflake accounts. It streamlines processes and enhances efficiency while minimizing data latency.

Numerous joint customers of SNP and Snowflake are already benefiting from SNP Glue, a solution that securely integrates SAP systems with big data and transfers SAP data to other platforms. The app also offers the capability to load data from non-SAP systems into the SAP landscape, catering to small-to-medium-sized enterprises.

By leveraging SNP’s Data Streaming for SAP, customers can optimize the integration of SAP data directly into Snowflake, resulting in further streamlining and efficiency gains.

Data Streaming for SAP is the latest addition to the Native App Framework. This developer-friendly framework empowers developers to build and test applications natively in the Data Cloud while providing distribution and monetization capabilities.

Gregor Stoeckler, COO of SNP, added: “We are thrilled to strengthen our collaboration with Snowflake through this partnership. By incorporating the extensive SAP data expertise and features of our SNP Glue solution as a Snowflake Native App, we have achieved true native Snowflake integration.

“Moreover, the design of the app ensures optimal data processing costs, which brings significant benefits to our joint customers.”