SNP expands support for digital transformations at Heidelberg conference

SNP’s CEO Jens Amail

Revolving around the sports-inspired theme of winning together, SNP announced several innovations at its annual conference, Transformation World in Heidelberg, Germany, which focused on addressing industry challenges and seizing the big opportunities technology offers.

At the conference, SNP announced the launch of its Kyano platform to boost digital transformations and business agility for users.

 In the opening plenary session, CEO Jens Amail introduced the SNP Kyano platform that supports the company’s strategy as an enabler of digital transformations and business agility. This step marks the expansion of its CrystalBridge solution with new capabilities.

Kyano comes with the promise of a tighter ecosystem integration, being more agnostic to source and target systems and providing ongoing services for customers to improve data-enabled business agility.

The CEO highlighted during his keynote: “With the strong operational improvements we have made in the last 18 months, now is the perfect time to expand our vision and extend the market category we have been shaping for many years. With tangible innovation-proof points already today, we are ready to support our customers in navigating the complexities of ongoing transformations and business agility.” 

This development also highlights SNP’s commitment to address the market need for a more diverse set of data migration requirements. With the introduction of the Agility Index, Kyano also provides an AI-powered, continuous cloud service that measures, benchmarks and optimizes business agility based on smart KPIs and trend analyses. 

Strengthening consulting and business in Brazil

In addition, Amail explained that after welcoming industry feedback, the company will focus on improving the area of project management and “being more active on the consulting side”.

For this reason, SNP has invested more in training and enablement and has welcomed Trigon Consulting as a new part of the company since the beginning of May 2024. 

Another notable growth element for SNP has been the quick progression of its business in Brazil as last year the team mentioned its plans to open an office in São Paulo. But a few months forward to now, the company has an office and a legal entity in place, also having set up a small but strong team that works closely together with colleagues from the regional ecosystem – IBM, Accenture, Deloitte, Delaware and PwC.

“We basically had no business in Brazil in Q1 last year. In Q1 this year, we could be called a multimillion euro [organization there], so congratulations to the team.”