SUSE delivers cloud native solution for Kubernetes

rancher | SUSE

SUSE has unveiled new advancements at KubeCon that will empower customers to accelerate and scale edge infrastructure as well as transform edge operations.

In conjunction with the new advancements for Rancher, SUSE Linux Enterprise (SLE) Micro and SUSE NeuVector, SUSE’s Edge Solutions brings a highly secure, integrated, and scalable platform that simplifies, centralizes, and automates Kubernetes and Linux OS lifecycle management across distributed edge locations.

SUSE Edge 2.0 delivers a full range of cloud native edge management solutions with security seamlessly integrated across the full stack – from applications to Kubernetes to operating systems. With varying edge uses – general edge, telecom, and automotive, SUSE provides a use case-based edge solution to match the needs of the customer.

Additional capabilities of Edge 2.0 include: reduced operational complexity, ability to manage both Kubernetes and operating system, operating system built for the Edge with the latest release of SUSE Linux Enterprise (SLE) Micro 5.3, and security for any distributed environment to allow customers to securely implement edge applications at any remote location.

Keith Basil, SUSE general manager of Edge, said: “Combining the industry’s most widely adopted certified lightweight Kubernetes distro and our industry leading enterprise-ready secure Linux OS built just for the Edge, we’re one of the first to deliver a full integrated cloud native solutions that addresses our customer’s number one challenge – the need to scale. They need the right cloud infrastructure and edge solutions that can scale simply and successfully manage 1000s of clusters across multiple geographical locations.

“The amalgamation of cloud native technologies, increased computing speeds, and artificial intelligence is accelerating edge computing. To meet this demand and continue our innovation we will significantly expand investment in our edge business in 2023.”