On the edge: SUSE launches telco-optimized platform ATIP

abstract image | SUSE ATIP

SUSE has launched a new telco-optimized edge computing platform called SUSE Adaptive Telco Infrastructure Platform (ATIP), enabling telecom companies to accelerate and future-proof modernization of their networks.

ATIP is built for the telco edge and enables faster rollouts with a highly scalable and programable management solution for telco-grade infrastructure. SUSE developed this platform in collaboration with leading telco operators such as Deutsche Telekom, Orange, Telecom Italia, Telefonica and many more.

With SUSE ATIP, Telco operators can leverage key infrastructure components including, Linux, Kubernetes, security, and management tools allowing for an easy adoption for a broad range of cases across mobile and fixed networks. Additionally, operators can minimize risk by using their existing infrastructure, given ATIP’s support of a variety of hardware. The platform’s flexibility and modularity is designed to support and enable future looking cloud frameworks.

Using SUSE NeuVector for added security measures, SUSE ATIP additional functional attributes include: lightweight Kubernetes distributions and datacenter levels of security fit for devices in strictly regulated environments, optimization for Telco functions and telecom specific protocols, and a modular design allowing the platform to thrive in a multi-vendor environment.

Keith Basil, SUSE Edge general manager, said: “The future of the telecom infrastructure is fast moving and often difficult to predict.

“Telecom operators are looking for flexible solutions to modernize their existing networks, help rollout 5G networks quickly and adopt open frameworks, such as Open RAN while navigating disaggregation of their networks. ATIP has a flexible and adaptable infrastructure that future-proofs next-generation networks to support novel applications and use cases expected to arise from 5G, Multi-Access Edge Computing and general Edge computing. With ATIP, our telecom customers will thrive in a highly competitive environment.”