Swisslog GmbH selects HPE GreenLake for Private Cloud

image of the cloud / Swisslog GmbH selects HPE GreenLake for Private Cloud

Swisslog GmbH has selected HPE GreenLake for Private Cloud Enterprise to accelerate the delivery of IT managed services for intralogistics automation and to advance customer experience.

Swisslog is a global intralogistics automation company that delivers data-driven and robotic solutions for industries such as retail, manufacturing and consumer goods. With its IT managed services, Swisslog aims to help its customers by taking care of the systems and software needed to keep their automated systems working successfully.

HPE GreenLake for Private Cloud Enterprise will enable Swisslog to deploy new IT services and automate the resolution of support cases. Through this, the company aims to deliver a frictionless operation of customers’ intralogistics automation.

The platform has several features for automated management and easy access to private cloud resources, aiming to eradicate labor-intensive and error-prone manual processes. Swisslog’s IT systems and support team will be able to provision virtual-machine based applications for specific customer projects within minutes and decommission them again when no longer needed. 

The new private cloud will be fully managed by HPE in Swisslog’s data center in Dortmund. With a pay-per-use pricing model, customers won’t have to pay upfront for equipment and instead pay based upon how much they use. Swisslog charges a monthly fee based on how much virtual CPU, virtual RAM and storage space used. This helps Swisslog track and break down the costs for each customer project in the private cloud.

Dominik Tünnerhoff, head of IT systems and support, Swisslog GmbH said: “We were looking for a new platform to bring our IT managed services to the next level with cloud simplicity and automation – however, we did not want to use the public cloud due to concerns with regards to data privacy and sovereignty.

“HPE GreenLake for Private Cloud Enterprise combines the best of both worlds with a true cloud operating model, while giving us the control of an on-premises environment.”