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IFS posts sky-high results in Q3 with cloud revenue up 104%
IFS has seen exceptional results this quarter, reflecting a solid year with the third consecutive period of growth. The annual recurring revenue increased by 38 percent, with cloud revenue growing at a phenomenal 104 percent against the same quarter last year.
Making Tax Digital: a guide for medium to large businesses
There have been no blueprints for CFOs navigating through the last 12 months. We have seen their roles evolve from ‘score keepers’ to business leaders responsible for company continuity and survival throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. With Making Tax Digital (MTD),...
The CFO’s 2021 hitlist – Brexit, coronavirus and tech
As we continue through 2021, the year ahead will surely remain centred around two key themes: Brexit and COVID-19. On 18 February 2021, Advanced partnered up with Financial Director to host The CFO’s 2021 hitlist – Brexit, coronavirus and tech webinar, now available to...