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Several farmers in hoodies, bent over harvesting fruit from a green field on a cloudy morning | AI food and beverage
Eat this! AI shakes new life into food and beverage industry
The value of AI in the food and beverage sector in particular is expected to reach $29.94bn by 2028. How is AI already being used, and to what effect?
image of laptop with code on the screen, in the background abstract red, pink and green lights | AI and ML
Will AI take the “human” out of human resources?
How can busy HR executives ensure they are benefiting from the AI revolution, while working safely and ethically?
image of shopping carts, Gabrielle Ribeiro | Unsplash | Google Cloud AI
Google Cloud unveils new AI tools for Retailers
Ahead of NRF2023 beginning today, Google Cloud has introduced four new and updated AI technologies to help retailers transform their in-store shelf checking processes and enhance their ecommerce sites.
Deloitte and Google Cloud team up to support public sector
Deloitte and Google Cloud are expanding their alliance to develop new solutions and services to help public sector organisations drive digital transformation...