a man in a blue blazer and checked white shirt looks at the graphs in a white tablet on an office desk | Nextworld revenue system concept
How R&R Millwork streamlined revenue and customer satisfaction
For more than 22 years, R&R Millwork used a legacy version of Sage which led to the development of time-consuming, manual workarounds.
a photo of a plant growing out of a glass with coins | financial system concept
How Velociti transformed its financial system with ease and flexibility
When using a legacy financials system, Velociti faced constraints and manual functions. Soon, the company decided it is time for change.
The constellation of Orion shining in a night's sky through light cloud cover | Constellation Shortlist Nextworld
Reach for the stars: Nextworld joins Constellation Shortlist for composable approach
Nextworld hopes to use its inclusion in the Constellation Shortlist to further demonstrate its commitment to providing businesses with an optimal path forward in their technology stacks.
A screen showing 2 graphs and sets of important looking statistics | Data Nextworld
How using AI can break big data down to byte-size chunks
AI can do wonders in consolidating, translating and extrapolating the potential hidden deep within your data, with the potential to unlock your business’ potential, predictively and protectively. 
A blurry picture of a computer screen full of code, with glasses sitting on the desk in front of the screen, the image through the glasses is in focus | artificial intelligence Nextworld
Do more with more: are you taking full advantage of artificial intelligence capabilities?
How can AI make us capable of more? Instead of contemplating how artificial intelligence can do more with less, we're finding ways to enable companies everywhere to do more with more.
Close up of a screen of coding with a developer in the the forefront of the picture but isn't in focus | citizen development Nextworld
The untapped potential of citizen development
What if there was a way to meet your company’s IT demands without having to hire expensive developers or ask your current team to work after-hours? The solution is already working for you, investigate citizen development.
Someone speaking with their hands while sitting at a boardroom table with their laptop in front of then, a blurred woman is sitting in the background | Nextworld
Nextworld welcomes two new members to its advisory board
Nextworld has announced the appointment of two new members to its executive advisory board: Lyle Ekdahl and Greg Petraetis. Their appointment is said by the firm to mark a move towards an enhanced strategic direction for Nextworld and its ecosystem. 
Latest Nextworld release reveals AI and inventory updates
Nextworld has unveiled 23.2, its second product release of this year, which looks to deliver improvements across all its business suites, including finance, sales, procurement, manufacturing and inventory.