An illustration depicting a figure stood gazing at various graphs and a cloud | Data and technology
Bet big on data literacy for public sector challenges
A cultural shift on how data and technology is perceived, understood and used is fundamental to delivering better public sector outcomes.
robot recruitment senior tech leader
Hitting reinstall on human recruitment: the senior technology leader fix
It is an uncomfortable truth that the recruitment of senior digital business and technology leadership is a process no longer fit for purpose.
servicenow zoom alliance
The ServiceNow Zoom alliance creating a world of infinite possibilities
Partnerships like the ServiceNow and Zoom alliance are creating a world of opportunities. ERP Today speaks with Seb Fitzjohn and Magnus Faulks.
Customers data
Improving customers’ experiences through data unification
Customers, and their expectations, are in a constant state of change. Whether it’s multi-channel, cross-channel, integrated, digital, brick and mortar or otherwise, modern businesses need to be connected to their audience at any time and any place.  To further complicate...
The CFO’s 2021 hitlist – Brexit, coronavirus and tech
As we continue through 2021, the year ahead will surely remain centred around two key themes: Brexit and COVID-19. On 18 February 2021, Advanced partnered up with Financial Director to host The CFO’s 2021 hitlist – Brexit, coronavirus and tech webinar, now available to...