Test Automation

Abstract image of blue fibre lights creeping over the edge of a thin surface | test automation Opkey
These advances in test automation could change everything for your ERP
While every new platform promises to “maximize efficiency” and “streamline processes,” it’s often a process of trial-and-error to find what really works. The cloud is exploding and test automation, as well as AI, are rising up to meet the world’s QA demands.
Top down view of a man's hands working at 2 open laptops | Opkey Coup app marketplace
Opkey testing now available on Coupa App Marketplace
The Opkey solution has been certified by Coupa for use within the Coupa Business Spend Management (BSM) platform to further its mission of helping teams create spend strategies and build agile and sustainable operations.
Close up of a magnifying glass being held over the keyboard of a Macbook | Test automation
Myth-busting your test automation beliefs
Misunderstandings about the protocols, cost and requirements of automated testing often get in the way of clients making the changes they need to make to stay ahead of the curve.