The defending power of AI adoption

A robotic hand reaching out to the camera | AI Avvale SAP

Technology and the advancements of AI continue to take the SAP world by storm. As we have seen with SAP’s latest AI copilot Joule, there is an encouragement in the industry towards AI adoption in business processes. Despite the excitement of AI’s capabilities, there is another side – apprehension. “How will AI change the way my business operates?” and “Will AI take over my job?”

Understanding and optimizing AI and machine learning (ML) can be a daunting task for many SAP users but it is a tool that can be worked with, rather than against.

Together, AI and ML can produce a competitive advantage and support companies through their AI journey. However, many SAP users are unsure of how to best utilize their newfound innovations, whether because of a lack of technological talent or the lack of resources required to make their AI suit specific needs.

Companies like Avvale, a digital business transformation company that tailors its AI and ML solutions to a company’s specific needs, can be the middleman for SAP users who feel overwhelmed by the innovations they’ve invested in. A great example of this is when Avvale delivered an AI solution that detected wind algorithms to help a company’s solar panels work more efficiently – a specific use of AI that required a tailoring solution.

PVH, a global solar tracker manufacturer, was seeking an autonomous solution that would accurately predict future wind after its solar panels became vulnerable to violent wind gusts. It was a highly complex problem that would require a novel approach like ML.

In response, Avvale developed a ML algorithm capable of anticipating wind gusts and alerting photovoltaic panels to activate the defense position. The developed algorithms were based on the application of deep learning and data obtained in each of the locations, which achieved accurate forecasts of wind behavior.

While automating and anticipating wind behavior is a niche subject, SAP users can see the value of utilizing solutions that tailor AI to just about any need. Importantly, finding a solution that can be used through through SAP SuccessFactors or SAP BTP, like Avvale’s AI and ML capabilities, is a critical detail that SAP users should consider when looking for seamless integrations.

For SAP users asking “How will AI change the way my business operates?” and “Will AI take over my job?” – Avvale’s work with PVH shows that when AI is tailored it can cause significantly improve a businesses efficiency and do so not by replacing jobs but by increasing them.