The role of hyperautomation in speeding up migrations before SAP ECC deadline

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SME SAP users looking to undergo digital transformations are often concerned with their ability to automate the process before, during and after their journey. With the SAP ECC deadline edging ever closer, businesses are looking to automate production chains, workflows, marketing processes and other processes – and they’re looking to do it fast.

In February 2020 SAP announced its mainstream maintenance for SAP Business Suite 7 and core applications, such as SAP ECC had been extended to now end in 2027 as opposed to 2025. Organizations will have the option to purchase extended maintenance until the end of 2030. That’s three years left to begin implementations that sometimes takes two or more years to complete. It is therefore crucial that organizations running these solutions begin thinking about their move to SAP S/4HANA from their existing SAP ERP systems.

With only three years left to transfer to the cloud, and these journeys sometimes being complex, organizations are seeking something to speed up the process, get rid of any remaining errors and head into 2027 free of worry. 

Companies like Avvale provide services like the Hyper-Automation Journey Design to tailor automation and AI to customers with more unique challenges. 

Hyperautomation is a tool that introduces Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

It means that almost any repetitive task can be automated, allowing the user to discover which processes can be automated and creating bots to perform them. Hyperautomation can benefit an organization by saving time, money and human intervention. 

Avvale’s Hyper-Automation Journey Design aligns strategic objectives with the three most relevant components that influence their achievement: processes, collaboration and knowledge.

The service starts by assessing the organization to discover possible areas for improvement. The assessment brings together various tools that are designed to map out business processes and highlight key performance indicators. Avvale then produces this in a document format that outlines the opportunities for enhancing the collaborative functions and potentially reengineering certain key processes.

Solutions like DocFlow, an SaaS solution, specifically cater to complex organizational needs. By focusing on modelling, governing and digitizing processes, DocFlow ensures a seamless alignment of technological adoption with strategic objectives across various industry sectors.

Avvale’s support extends beyond mere automation- it encompasses crucial aspects like information management, governance control and compliance adherence, addressing the nuances of managing diverse documents and archives in accordance with international regulations.

Services like this don’t just pave the way for digital transformations, they orchestrate a strategic shift that empowers organizations to embrace the future of technology, efficiency and compliance seamlessly. As the clock ticks closer to the transition deadline, companies like Avvale stands as a strategic partner for SAP users, enabling SME companies to navigate the complexities of change and emerge stronger in the digital economy.