UiPath reveals new enhancements at AI Summit

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Announced at its virtual AI Summit, UiPath has unveiled new GenAI features to its platform, designed to aid enterprises realize the full potential of AI with automation – by accessing specialized AI models tailored to their challenges and use cases.

UiPath has announced new generative LLMs, context grounding to augment GenAI models with business-specific data, autopilot for developers and testers and prebuilt GenAI activities for faster time to value.

The new additions grant businesses with LLMs that are suited to specific tasks, document processing and communications. LLMs such as DocPATH and CommPATH provide organizations with the tools to customize AI models to their exact requirements and allow them to understand any document along with various message types.

With businesses needing a safe, reliable, low touch way to use their business data with AI models and to address this need, UiPath is introducing Context Grounding within the UiPath AI Trust Layer that will be entering private preview in April. UiPath Context Grounding can help businesses improve the accuracy of GenAI models by providing a foundation of business context through retrieval augmented generation.

Following from this, the company unveiled UiPath Autopilot, a suite of GenAI-powered experiences across the platform, allowing automation builders and users to be more productive. With general availability in June, Autopilot empowers both professional and citizen automation developers to create automations, code and expressions with natural language, accelerating every aspect of building automations.

Finally, the company has announced new prebuilt GenAI Activities that use the UiPath AI Trust Layer and are easy to access, develop with and leverage high quality AI predictions in automation workflows that deliver quicker time to value.

Speaking of these new announcements, Graham Sheldon, chief product officer at UiPath, said: “Businesses need an assortment of AI models, the best-in-class for every task, to achieve their full potential.

“Our new family of UiPath LLMs, along with Content Grounding to optimize GenAI models with business specific data, provide accuracy, consistency, predictability, time to value and empower customers to transform their business environments with the latest GenAI capabilities on the market. These new features ensure that AI has the integrations, data, context and ability to take action in the enterprise with automation to meet our customers’ unique needs.”

More recently, the company announced that UiPath Automation Cloud Public Sector has achieved authorized status in the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP).

UiPath enables government employees to deliver improved citizen services, modernize IT and other functions for digital resilience, digitize data, automate processes and deploy in the cloud.