United BioSource with Oracle Argus sees pharma leave premises

image of science lab | Oracle Argus Cloud Service

United BioSource, LLC (UBC), a provider of evidence-based research for the biopharma industry, has migrated its safety functions from on-premises to Oracle Argus Cloud Service.

UBC specializes in generating real-world evidence of product effectiveness, safety and value that enable emerging pharmaceutical companies to make medicine and speciality therapies safer and more accessible.

According to research from EY, large pharmaceutical companies contend with an average of 700,000 adverse event cases each year. With caseloads and regulations continuously changing, efficient case management and compliance are mission-critical for any organization.

Running on the security and performance of OCI, Oracle Argus Cloud Service will provide UBC with state-of-the-art safety case processing for its clinical trials as well as post-marketing programs. With the service, UBC can optimize its workflow by automating routine steps, reducing manual work and cutting processing times. It also enables UBC to address its global compliance goals with aggregated and expedited reporting.

Oracle Argus Cloud Service can provide UBC with safety case management features and benefits that include: capabilities to help address compliance with global regulations and standards, lower cost and complexity, efficient case processing via automation, user-friendly analytics and reports plus lower total cost of ownership.

Seema Verma, senior vice president and general manager, Oracle Life Sciences, said: “We are committed to delivering next-generation safety solutions that address the very complex challenges around drug safety and post-market surveillance.

“Using Oracle Argus Cloud Service can help position UBC to market its unique capabilities and attract additional business. Because we handle the maintenance in the cloud, we remove some of the risk, time and challenges that maintaining software on premises can pose so UBC can remain focused on what matters most – working to make medicine and specialty therapies safer and more accessible.”

Nathan Thompson, chief information officer, UBC, said: “UBC is committed to helping our clients make informed decisions and optimize the care given to patients using their therapies.

“Oracle Argus Cloud Service provides a powerful innovative, agile and secure technology that can enable us to better manage all safety aspects of even our most complex trails. Using a cloud-based safety solution reduces operational complexities and helps refocus our valuable resources on other parts of the business. We value our ongoing collaboration with Oracle for the development of its next-generation safety technology.”