Vodafone and IBM in quantum partnership

Vodafone and IBM in quantum partnership

As announced at the IBM Quantum Summit 2022, Vodafone Group is collaborating with IBM on quantum-safe cybersecurity, as well as joining the IBM Quantum Network. The latter will give the company cloud access to IBM’s advanced quantum computing systems and quantum expertise.

Vodafone will work with IBM to help validate and progress potential quantum use cases in telecommunications and explore quantum computing for a variety of telco use cases.

The multinational telecommunications company will also advance their employees’ skills in quantum technology through iterative prototyping led by IBM, as well as actively recruit quantum computing experts, to build a dedicated capability within its ranks.

With this collaboration, Vodafone will explore how to apply IBM Quantum Safe cryptography technology across its entire and diverse network infrastructure and systems.

Scott Crowder, vice president, IBM Quantum Adoption and Business Development, said: “Vodafone, as a leading mover in telco, is setting the example for their industry by exploring quantum computing applications for their business operations, as well as applying quantum-safe cryptography protocols to protect their long-term data and systems.

“We’re excited to partner with Vodafone to help them simultaneously adopt quantum technology, and move to quantum-safe technology as they serve an entire ecosystem of operators, vendors, regulators, and open-source community.”

Luke Ibbetson, head of group research and development at Vodafone Group, said: “Partnering with IBM provides us with access to quantum technology which has the potential to provide incredible network optimization. It’s the sort of innovation that existing computers will never achieve alone, allowing us to save energy, reduce costs, and give customer great connectivity in more places. Investing in quantum-safe cryptography, now, also gives us the peace of mind that our infrastructure and customer data will also always be secure as we explore the benefits of quantum computing.”