Wipro appoints former Deloitte senior partner as global AI lead

image of Wipro building

Wipro Ltd has appointed Brijesh Singh as senior vice president and global AI head for Wipro Enterprise Futuring.

Formerly a senior partner at Deloitte, Singh was responsible for driving AI and data-led transformation and has clocked in over seven years with the firm in AI roles. In total, Singh brings over three decades of experience in the technology consulting space and also holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree in electrical engineering from Birsa Institute of Technology Sindri.

This news follows the company’s commitment made last month to invest $1bn in advancing AI capabilities through Wipro Ventures over the next three years, along with the launch of Wipro ai360.

Building upon Wipro’s AI investments, the launch of Wipro ai360, an AI-first innovation ecosystem, aims to integrate AI into every platform. It will bring together 30,000 Wipro experts in data analytics and AI with the company’s technology and advisory ecosystem from four global business lines. Capabilities across cloud and partnerships; data, analytics and AI; design and consulting; cybersecurity and engineering will leverage new solutions and utilize embedded AI in all processes and practices.

Additionally, Wipro’s innovation hub Lab45 will be a core part of the Wipro ai360 ecosystem, providing clients with the talent, training, scale, research and co-innovation capabilities needed to accelerate AI adoption.

As the global head of AI, Singh will be focused on advancing Wipro’s ai360 strategy, building capabilities to support and accelerate AI adoption across Wipro’s entire portfolio and delivering AI-first solutions to clients. His appointment underscores Wipro’s commitment to integrating responsible AI into every platform, tool and solution used internally and offered to clients.

Speaking of the company’s $1bn investment and Wipro ai360, Thierry Delaporte, CEO and managing director, Wipro, said: “Artificial Intelligence is a fast-moving field.

“Especially with the emergence of generative AI, we expect a fundamental shift up ahead, for all industries. New business models, new ways of working and new challenges too. This is exactly why Wipro’s ai360 ecosystem places responsible AI operations at the heart of all our AI work. It’s meant to empower our talent pool and be ubiquitous across all our operations and processes, as well as our solutioning for clients. We are ready for the AI-driven future.”