Workday achieves net-zero carbon emissions a year early

A year earlier than its original 2021 target, Workday has officially achieved net-zero carbon emissions across its offices, data centres, and business travel. The company now also now runs on 100 percent renewable electricity, in addition to offering its customers a carbon-neutral cloud.

Workday’s carbon reduction strategy includes choosing less carbon-intensive activities over those with a larger carbon footprint and reducing the carbon intensity of operations through high-impact efficiency measures in its office facilities and data centres. Workday hosts a ‘Clean Air Commute Week’ every September to encourage employees to opt for a carbon-reduced or carbon-free commute.

The company also replaces high-carbon energy sources with low-carbon sources, prioritises on-site renewable energy generation, such as solar where feasible, and purchases wind and solar power over electricity generated from fossil fuels for its global operations.

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