Zendesk collaborates with AWS and Anthropic to build trust in AI

image of a robotic finger touching human, "creation of Adam" reference, with a pink background | Zendesk AI news

Zendesk has announced a collaboration with AWS and Anthropic to offer faster, more efficient and accurate AI features for customers. The company has also unveiled its new AI-powered service solutions at the Relate global conference in Las Vegas.

Zendesk will use Amazon Bedrock, for building and scaling generative AI applications, and Anthropic’s industry-leading Claude 3 family to offer its clients flexibility to deploy sophisticated LLMs for unique customer interactions.

Using AI to transform its CX platform, a digital tool that enables businesses to oversee, manage, analyze and improve all aspects of customer interaction, Zendesk will offer responses to customer queries, eliminating the need for coding or expensive model development.

“AI is transforming customer and employee interactions and soon, it will shape virtually all of them,” said Adrian McDermott, CTO of Zendesk. “Our long-standing partnership with AWS and work with Anthropic means our customers have a CX platform and choice of powerful LLMs to help them set a new standard for service, with AI and automation providing support quickly and effortlessly.”

“There’s never been a more important time to redefine what’s possible in customer engagement and support”, Atul Deo, general manager of Amazon Bedrock at AWS, shared.

“Together, Zendesk and AWS are committed to ensuring that businesses are equipped with the tools they need to thrive in an ever-evolving digital landscape,” he added.

Kate Jensen, head of revenue at Anthropic, also commented on the partnership: “[…] 82 percent of CX business leaders [are] now rethinking their entire customer experience based on advancements in AI.

“By integrating Anthropic’s Claude 3 model family with Zendesk and Amazon Bedrock, businesses gain access to a powerful and trusted AI solution that can improve customer satisfaction, loyalty and revenue growth.”

Zendesk to launch AI-powered service solutions

Zendesk has shared the news of its launch of new autonomous AI agents, workflow automation, Agent Copilot, Workforce Management (WFM) and Quality Assurance (QA) capabilities, powered by Zendesk AI, to help companies build trust in AI-powered technology.

Zendesk AI will help companies manage service quality and accelerate business growth by automating up to 80 percent of support requests and generating a three-fold increase in automated resolutions. According to Zendesk, this will contribute to a 30 percent decrease in resolution times and help agents be at least 10 percent more productive.

The Agent Copilot is designed to continuously learn from past experiences to help human agents streamline workflows, anticipate customer needs, and improve future interactions. AI-powered Zendesk WFM and Zendesk QA will aim to help companies anticipate and act on customer needs.

“We’ve known for years that minimizing customer effort is one of the strongest drivers of satisfaction and believe AI has massive potential to make the customer experience simpler and more enjoyable,” said Tom Eggemeier, CEO of Zendesk.

“That’s why we’ve seamlessly integrated AI into our products in a way that enables businesses to deliver proactive, personalized service that, above all else, makes it easier for the human on the other end.”