Zoom lightens workloads with AI Companion and Revenue Accelerator

image of computer screen displaying Zoom's new AI feature | AI Companion

Zoom has recently unveiled two new enhancements to its technology capabilities – the relaunch of Zoom AI Companion and Zoom IQ for Sales, now known as Zoom Revenue Accelerator.

Zoom AI Companion, formerly known as Zoom IQ, the company’s generative AI digital assistant, is now included at no additional cost with the paid services in their Zoom user accounts. AI Companion empowers users by increasing their productivity, enhancing their skills and improving team effectiveness.

Zoom is planning to expand its generative AI offering across its platform with the launch of AI Companion and customers can expect to see it throughout the entire platform, from Meetings, Team Chat, Phone, Email and Whiteboard, with additional features coming in the near future.

Smita Hashim, chief product officer at Zoom, said: “We are transcending the hype in generative AI by delivering tangible products and disrupting the industry’s pricing model, making it easy for businesses and people like you and me to leverage generative AI’s full benefits in our day-to-day work.

“We were founded on doing what’s right for our customers and we firmly believe that offering Zoom AI Companion at no additional cost to our paid Zoom user accounts delivers tremendous value as we all navigate the challenges facing us today. We are excited to see our customers and users start using AI Companion and about our strong roadmap for further innovation underpinned by a commitment to responsible AI.”

Additionally, the company has announced the relaunch of its IQ for Sales which is now known as Zoom Revenue Accelerator.

Revenue Accelerator provides AI features to enable users to streamline processes to help complete sales functions quickly and efficiently. With Revenue Accelerator, users can leverage its many AI features: meeting summaries, chapter summaries, sentiment, engagement, talk/listen ratio, intelligent automatic extraction of next steps and questions and an email smart compose feature to help complete sales meeting follow-ups.

The company also plans to continue expanding on these functionalities and new AI features to empower sales teams to enhance their skills and continuously work to improve performance, leading to better customer experience and revenue outcomes.

Majed Itani, chief technology officer and co-founder at SetSail Technologies Inc, said: “Zoom [Revenue Accelerator] allows us to deliver conversation insights on prospect and
customer reactions to SetSail’s features, functionality and messaging to our marketing
teams for them to take action on.

“As a bonus, [Revenue Accelerator] provides information for our managers to better coach and enable our customer-facing teams across sales, customer success and business development based on actual conversations.”