Accenture actualizes Anser Advisory acquisition

Image of brain and lights. Anser

Accenture has acquired Anser Advisory for the purpose of expanding Accenture’s capital project capabilities. 

The acquisition, first announced in June 2023, aims to enhance Accenture’s ability to help companies and state and local public sector organizations complete large, long-term infrastructure projects more predictably and efficiently, which will ultimately support growth for clients and have a positive impact on communities.

Anser Advisory’s services span advisory, compliance and management services. The company offers solutions to public and private sector clients implementing capital projects and programs through advisory services including real-estate advising, organizational assessments, process analysis and more. 

The new deal expands upon Accenture’s varied portfolio. The company has recently acquired Optimind, which similarly provides advisory services. Optimind is a Paris-based independent consulting firm which supports insurance firms, banks and large corporate clients to meet major challenges of competitiveness, transformation and regulation. Prior to this, Accenture also acquired Stellantis’ World Class Manufacturing training & consulting business.

Stephanie Jamison, global resources industry leader, Accenture, said: “With investments in ambitious infrastructure projects projected to reach $1.033tn in the US in 2023, it’s the right time for Anser Advisory to become part of Accenture. Together we will support our clients’ critical capital projects to drive the energy transition.”