Accenture and Google Cloud to help organizations generate AI potential

abstract image of AI, pink brain with blue and purple background | Accenture and Google Cloud

Accenture and Google Cloud have expanded their strategic relationship to help organizations reinvent their businesses with generative AI to unlock growth opportunities, supported by new investments made by Accenture.

Both companies aim to help organizations leverage generative AI to create new opportunities and drive innovation, optimization and reinvention. Building on the combination of capabilities and talent within the Accenture Google Business Group and Google Cloud’s leading AI products (including Vertex AI, Generative AI App Builder and more), the duo will guide organizations on the optimal use of generative AI to address business needs securely, responsibly and at scale.

Under the expanded partnership, Google Cloud and Accenture will co-develop new solutions leveraging Accenture’s industry and functional experience and Google Cloud’s suite of generative AI technologies. The companies will focus on improving business processes across 19 industries and business functions which include: tailored marketing and customer experience, supply chain optimization, healthcare process improvement, security risk mitigation and software code generation.

This expansion builds on Accenture’s $3bn investment in AI as the company announced last month its plans to expand its data and AI practice and double its AI talent to 80,000 people in an effort to help its businesses across all industries.

Beyond the partnership, Accenture is also using Google Cloud in its own enterprise architecture to enable its data-driven business. Accenture’s global IT organization has partnered with Google Cloud to deploy a modern data platform for faster, more secure and scalable capabilities positioning Accenture for generative AI expansion.

Thomas Kurian, CEO, Google Cloud, said: “Generative AI has the ability to help businesses fundamentally improve how they operate, whether it is optimizing supply chains to be more sustainable or mitigating cybersecurity threats based on information from billions of security events.

“Together with Accenture, we will provide businesses with the advanced technology and expertise they need to help transform their organizations and realize value from their generative AI deployments.”

Julie Sweet, chair and CEO, Accenture, said: “Generative AI is already transforming how people work and access information and will dramatically amplify what humans can achieve.

“Our expanded partnership with Google Cloud will help our clients across industries responsibly accelerate adoption of generative AI throughout their enterprises to maximize efficiency, drive competitive advantage and reach new levels of performance.”