Accenture and Immersive Labs to bridge cyber talent gap

image of Teal LED computer panel | Accenture and Immersive Labs, Cybersecurity

Accenture has teamed up with Immersive Labs to launch the Cyber Million program that aims to solve the cybersecurity talent deficit by increasing access to one million entry-level cybersecurity operation jobs over the next decade.

The beta version of the program will be powered by the Immersive Labs platform with Accenture Security serving as the first foundational partner.

The cybersecurity industry currently faces a worldwide talent shortage with an estimated 3.4 million roles currently unfilled. According to the world economic forum’s global cybersecurity outlook 2023 report in collaboration with Accenture, 59 percent of business leaders and 64 percent of cyber leaders ranked talent recruitment and retention as a key challenge for managing cyber resilience.

Cyber Million aims to fill these open roles, reducing barriers to entry for job seekers by increasing access to opportunities. The program will leverage upskilling and aptitude over traditional evaluation methods, modernizing the way organizations recruit for cybersecurity roles globally.

Anyone over the age of 16 will be able to register for the program and complete, at their own pace, a series of curated hands-on exercises and labs that match the skill set requirements of open roles. Once the labs are successfully completed, skilled individuals may apply to open employment partner roles.

“Cybersecurity talent is everywhere, and it can be developed if those eager to learn are given the opportunity, whether or not they come from a technical background,” said Robert Boyce, global lead of Cyber Resilience, Accenture. “We upskill our own people using the Immersive Labs program approach and we’re proud to build on our relationship to help get more people excited about starting a career in cybersecurity. Solving the cyber talent crisis requires this kind of industry-wide collaboration and an innovative approach. We’re excited to take this important step toward building the future of cybersecurity talent globally.”

“We founded Immersive Labs based on the idea that people from various backgrounds—both with or without a formal education—can excel in cybersecurity if given the right opportunities,” said James Hadley, CEO and founder, Immersive Labs. “Our Cyber Million program that we’re building in partnership with Accenture, will help organizations discover hidden talent, increase diversity across the workforce, and build resilience against cyberattacks, and we welcome other organizations to join us.”