Agilyx Group builds a united front for leading construction consultancy Currie & Brown

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Managing global assets

Currie & Brown is a leading global asset management and construction consultancy operating across the UK, Dubai, Hong Kong, Mumbai, New York and Shanghai. It offers project management, cost management and advisory services to the public and private sectors.

The growth tale

After a successful year for Currie & Brown and following a boost of global users, the company needed to upgrade to a global and unified ERP system that would allow its 2000 users from any of its international locations and time zones to work from the same information in both English and Mandarin.

Currie & Brown already used Unit4 ERP in two locations, but lacked unity between those systems and a truly global view of its operations. The disconnected setup meant that manual manipulation and data extraction were rife. Collaboration and knowledge-sharing were also limited, requiring roles to be duplicated globally rather than centrally managed. Furthermore, a lack of consistency across processes and procedures created disparate onboarding and training experiences.

‘Following the sun’ with Unit4 and Agilyx Group

Currie & Brown had previous experience working with the Agilyx Group team in Asia, and the decision was made to expand that partnership and the business’s use of Unit4 globally.

By working hand-in-hand with Agilyx Group, Currie & Brown’s disparate, disjointed systems were successfully transformed into a single, unified, global Unit4 ERP solution. Currie & Brown were able to have implemented a global system that could follow the sun and ensure that no matter where in the world they were working, its systems – and its Agilyx Group support team – would be available to deliver what the business needed.

The new view

With a single ERP system in place across all instances of its global operations, Currie & Brown has a solid ground to drive smooth business operations, enable cost savings and drive a consistent agenda internally. Resource onboarding, taken over by the Agilyx team, has reported a 50 percent increase in efficiency.

Chris Balmbro, Currie & Brown group IT director, commented:  “Agilyx has evolved into a truly strategic partner for Currie & Brown.”

Plus, Currie & Brown can now look to the same data set across the entire business, enabling the business to leverage accurate, data-driven decision-making that it knows is supported by a globally connected system. The business can also grow and deliver on its goals, safe in the knowledge that its onboarding and business processes are genuinely operating with top efficiency in its new, unified Unit4 ERP solution.

Harpal Mattu, managing director for Agilyx EMEA, said: “It is our privilege to support Currie and Brown’s global Unit4 ERP solution. Thank you for placing trust in us; we look forward to continuing to develop our strategic partnership with you.”