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Track workers with iPad
Network Rail: everyone home safe every day
Network Rail and EY team up to deliver a comprehensive package of measures to improve safety, drive efficiencies and boost employee experience
50 years of SAP, Klein says, “We’re just getting started.”
50 years ago five former IBM executives started the conversation by forming a company called Systemanalyse und Programmentwicklung. Since then, new protagonists have emerged, markets have shifted, share prices have fluctuated and products have evolved, but one thing has remained constant. SAP is the market leader….by a mile.
Dream Big
Bill McDermott Dreams Big. His aspirations are not bound by convention nor are they constrained by tradition. They are driven by a conviction that anything is possible and we all have the ability to reimagine our future on whatever scale we conceive.
Social Work England creates new benchmark for ERP projects
Kindness, wellbeing and mindfulness embedded as a key tenet of the project - implemented on time, to budget and already delivering benefits.
Zahra Bahrololoumi, CEO UK&I, Salesforce
A 22 year veteran of consulting giant Accenture, Zahra Bahrololoumi – or Z as she is known to her friends – has made the monumental leap from consultancy to vendor and now finds herself sitting at the top table within...
The Moment of Service
There’s a fragile point in time during every business deal when the blood, sweat and tears are condensed into a single instance. The efforts made to secure the sale, the capital invested to deliver your product, and the time spent nurturing relationships are boiled down to a solitary moment when it all comes together or fails to meet expectations. This is the moment you either delight or disappoint. This is the moment of service...
The time is NOW for Kevin Samuelson and INFOR
When we last wrote about Infor all the talk was around an IPO – and who doesn’t love a big IPO? I wrote bullishly about the expectation of Infor floating and becoming one of the biggest software IPOs of all time. It seemed certain that the prospect of raising a load of new cash coupled with the lure of being catapulted into the limelight would be too much for Infor (and their VC partners) to resist. Thank God it didn’t happen...
Is this the reckoning humanity needed?
t’s obvious to conclude that humanity doesn’t work. Our purpose in this world seems unclear and we have stumbled from century to century without direction or reason. Like a rudderless ship cast into the vast oceans, we have tried many ideas over several thousand years and none have delivered peace, purpose or paradise.
There’s a storm coming and it’s called RPA.
Mihir Shukla is the CEO and co-founder of Automation Anywhere. By the end of this year his company will have over three million digital workers deployed in the world’s largest organisations. RPA is likely to be the most transformative technology to emerge from the digital revolution and Automation Anywhere is at the head of the field when it comes to capitalising on the burgeoning demands...