Algolia: Why dogs need AI-powered search too

Technology is all-pervasive. Modern applications and data services are found in oil & gas petrochemical installations, across manufacturing facilities, throughout the retail, pharmaceutical and financial industry verticals and – of course – pretty much everywhere in between. So then, that means “all” industries, right?

All industries indeed, which means that digital solutions must also penetrate animal welfare, wellbeing and their everyday needs, it just makes sense doesn’t it? If so-called digital transformation is going to reinvent every single aspect of our lives, then we need our furry and feathered friends to be cared for too, obviously.

Algolia appears to agree with this whole argument. The end-to-end ‘AI Search and Discovery’ platform company, was recently selected by Revival Animal Health, a US national pet health supply company, to significantly improve revenue conversions as well as customer engagement and loyalty. 

Revenue conversion revolution

After what has been lauded as a ‘fast implementation’ of the Algolia search platform and a similarly eulogized (okay, the company said ‘seamless’, we were just desperate to avoid the marketingspeak term) integration with BigCommerce’s e-commerce platform, Revival Animal Health witnessed a 12 percent improvement in revenue conversions. 

Importantly, Algolia bolstered Revival Animal Health’s experience for pet professionals and owners alike by ensuring they can quickly and easily find the supplies and knowledge they need to keep their animals healthy. 

“We deployed Algolia amid a tough economic downturn and rising inflation, and amazingly, were still able to generate a dramatic uptick in conversions shortly after implementation,” said Joel Harrington, senior director of demand & customer experience, Revival Animal Health. “We are delighted with the results and are especially pleased with the increase in customer engagements and loyalty underscored by our enhanced ability to recognize each customers’ unique preferences. We help our customers find the most relevant items for their pets quickly. Algolia’s AI-powered approach to search is noticeably helping our customers intuitively discover items with blazing fast speed.” 

Algolia is powering site search for Revival Animal Health’s product catalog and learning center. Algolia’s AI-based typo tolerance and rules features have freed the Revival Animal Health team of hours of fine-tuning their search. Moreover, AI synonyms, facets and filters are improving the company’s product placement, reducing developer time on rules configuration and applications, and is future-proofing its search and headless commerce investments. 

Four-legged friends

“Revival Animal Health’s mission is to empower pet owners to help their four-legged friends; and our goal is to help them achieve that mission much more seamlessly,” said Piyush Patel, chief strategic business development officer, Algolia. “We are excited to be part of Revival Animal Health’s success. We look forward to helping them convert every digital interaction into a more fulfilling engagement, increased loyalty, incremental revenue and ultimately happier pet lovers. ” 

Algolia’s end-to-end AI search and discovery platform is now empowered bby work carried out by the company’s engineers, who have invented a breakthrough use of AI to create what the company insists is ‘exponentially better’ search & discovery. Algolia’s proprietary NeuralSearch tech combines vector-based natural language processing & keyword matching in a single API. 

The company today powers some 1.75 trillion search requests a year or more than 30 billion a week enabling more than 17,000 customers in 150+ countries to build fast and relevant search and discovery experiences for their in-app users and/or online visitors using any web, mobile or voice device.

Disclosure: Algolia – and of course Revival Animal Health – are not wholly focused on the cocker spaniel (free image use of ‘Bill’ on Wikipedia Commons), both companies are interested in the wellbeing and needs of all animals, with a particular focus (for Revival Animal Health) on dogs, cats and horses… we just prefer cocker spaniels.