How a data extraction solution can accelerate an implementation

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Extracting the exact data needed from the cloud is a function that is frequently underestimated during a business transformation. Rather than overburdening in-house IT teams, could business value be attained quicker by letting the right expertise take the reigns regarding data extraction?

It’s not uncommon for IT teams to create different databases to hold the necessary data to support their business operations – often resulting in multiple copies of the same data being stored in several different places. It’s the realization that IT teams are creating unique, dedicated solutions for data extraction for each distinct requirement connected to ERP that urged the creation of data extraction and replication solutions like Rossera’s DataQuarry.

Typically, when integrating a new ERP system, it’s common for extraction routines to be built to assist with customer-specific requirements regarding data migration, reporting, custom apps and process automation. DataQuarry acts as an accelerator by removing the need for the creation of separate extract routines, providing a centralized solution in the form of a customer-managed Oracle Database deployed on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure – storing the information in a third-normal-form repository to reduce duplication.

In removing the odds of replicated data and the need for new extraction routines to be continually built and maintained, a solution like DataQuarry can provide a fix for data extraction, while also reducing the stress on ERP systems by relieving them of having to service multiple data extract solutions.

Reflecting on this aspect of DataQuarry, David Archbold, director of product engineering, Rossera, said: “DataQuarry is 100% native to Oracle OCI and is plug-and-play enabled for Oracle SaaS Applications. No coding or configuration is required to use it. You plug it in and your ERP data is there in a separate Oracle database in the cloud that the customer has full control over. Many alternative ELT/ETL tools on the market require a lot of configuration as well as maintenance. With DataQuarry, Rossera patches are in line with Oracle’s quarterly patch cycles so the solution is always aligned to the latest data landscape.”

Without the right data on hand, crucial business insights could be missed – the key to gathering that data is making data extraction a non-issue for in-house teams. It seems Rossera are well aware of this issue, with Archbold concluding that: “Rather than customers taking time to build their own individual extract and synchronization mechanisms, they can use DataQuarry to accelerate their implementation and reduce the technical debt of building custom solutions.”

There’s no need to overburden an IT team that may already have its plate full, firms like Rossera believe that the right tool can provide the support needed for businesses to focus more on innovation and quickly obtaining business value, rather than building custom solutions and being burdened by ongoing maintenance.