Amplitude waves in Snowflake-native app

Among the more vocal companies vying for share of voice at the recent Snowflake Summit 2023 was Amplitude, Inc. a digital analytics platform company with a key focus on user visibility and application integration.

The company’s new application promises to integrate self-serve customer insights from Amplitude with Snowflake data all within the joint customer’s Snowflake account

Snowflake-native Amplitude is a Snowflake Native App that utilizes Snowpark Container Services (currently in private preview) and this technology will enable users to access self-serve behavioral insights directly within their Snowflake instance.


This application marks Amplitude’s first ‘warehouse-native’ offering. What that means in basic technical terms here is that Warehouse-native Amplitude will help show behavioral insights without leaving the data platform of choice, which in this case is of course Snowflake.

Amplitude also now offers AI-assisted data governance and automated instrumentation and reporting. Snowflake-native Amplitude promises to simplify data governance by using existing Snowflake security and access controls and eliminating the need to store or duplicate data in multiple places.

“Today, siloed data makes it difficult for teams to get the insights they need to drive their business forward,” said Justin Bauer, chief product officer at Amplitude. “We want to make it easier for teams to seamlessly and securely integrate customer and product insights with their Snowflake data. Now every Snowflake customer can unlock the benefits of self-service analytics to better understand each step in the customer journey so they can drive active user growth, increase retention, and improve monetization.”

Snowflake (and let’s not forget that the firm always wants to be known as Snowflake, the Data Cloud company) announced the launch of Snowpark Container Services to expand the scope of its Snowpark software application development platform to help organizations run third-party software and full-stack applications.

By accessing and running commercial software and apps directly in their Snowflake account, customers can seamlessly enhance the value of their data using cutting-edge tools without moving or compromising its security.

Reimagining the run

“We continue to invest in our expansive partner ecosystem, accelerating how users build in the Data Cloud by reimagining what they can run within Snowflake, without tradeoffs,” said Chris Child, senior director of product management, Snowflake. “With the launch of Snowpark Container Services, we’re making this a reality. Amplitude’s proven track record of helping teams measure and understand customer behavior to improve customer experiences combined with the ease of use, scalability, and unified governance of the Snowflake Data Cloud will help us deliver more value for our joint customers.”

This news comes alongside Amplitude’s announcement of several new capabilities to help technical and non-technical teams gain self-serve access to trusted data and clearer insights. With user experience improvements and automated insights, it’s never been easier to get started with Amplitude. 

“As the amount of customer data within data platforms continues to grow, self-serve access to insights is a must-have,” said David Wallace, research director of customer data and analytics at IDC. “Snowflake-native Amplitude will allow teams to quickly and easily access more of their customer data while maintaining the security and governance benefits within their Snowflake instance.”

Amplitude has also brought forward the following:

  • Automated instrumentation & reporting: Instantly track user activity and baseline metrics like daily active users, average session length, and geolocation with Amplitude’s enhanced SDK so teams can start reporting on day one.
  • Industry-specific reporting templates: Customers can quickly discover product insights tailored to their business with new reporting templates that include industry-specific key metrics.
  • AI-assisted data governance: Maintain and continually improve data quality with automation and intelligent suggestions.
  • Expanded partner integrations: Quickly send data to other parts of the stack with new and expanded integrations with Braze, Hubspot, Intercom, Marketo etc.