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a person using equipment in manufacturing and automobile | Elevating the automotive and industrial manufacturing value chain with Oracle and IBM
Elevating the automotive and industrial manufacturing value chain with IBM and Oracle
No equipment can last forever, but what do businesses do when their purchased equipment needs aftercare? IBM and Oracle discuss.
A Virtual Win: Why SAP Integration is Vital for ServiceNow
Bringing seamlessness and common sense to SAP and ServiceNow users is key to freeing-up IT skills, driving transformation and creating real business value.
McKinsey and DHL navigating fleet sustainability with Samsara
With sustainability climbing further on agendas, industries like transportation are facing the significant impact of their operations.
Behind the grid at Red Bull Racing with Oracle and IBM
To see the work going on behind the checkered flag, ERP Today was invited by Oracle and IBM and heard how enterprise technology is helping to deliver race day success for Red Bull Racing. Arriving at the Red Bull Racing...
Landscape view of high rise buildings with a sunset background | RISE with SAP
Time to Rise into the Future with SAP
SAP has announced it will host a webinar to discuss new features for RISE with SAP, including new AI capabilities and the future of Cloud ERP.
a person lifting a barbell
How the cost-of-living crunch is pushing organizations to get into shape
Due to the combination of inflationary pressures and the cost-of-living crisis, organizations need to assess how they can get into shape.
Amplitude waves in Snowflake-native app
Among the more vocal companies vying for share of voice at the recent Snowflake Summit 2023 was Amplitude, Inc. a digital analytics platform company with a key focus on user visibility and application integration. The company’s new application promises to...
person in front of screen
Into Samsara’s new wares – what’s the ERP hook beyond IoT?
June ended with Samsara Beyond, Samsara's flagship event and a big one in the Internet of Things (IoT) calendar.
Oracle5 Live sees Oracle’s EBS ecosystem connect in the heart of London
Oracle5 Live is amongst the newest names in the B2B live space, coming back for only its second iteration this month in London.
Conquering the industry-specific data mountain: MongoDB Atlas for Industries
Organizations use data. Although this might sound like the most obvious statement ever made in the modern age of digital business, there is a deeper contextual meaning to draw from this home truth. Organizations do use data, but across different...
ERP Today editorial team drive UiPath AI10 awards judging panel
ERP Today is known as a trusted adjudicating arbiter of fairness and authority. It is perhaps no surprise then to find ERP Today editorial staff forming a key part of the judging panel for the inaugural UiPath AI10 Awards.  Known...
PegaWorld iNspire 2023: The birth of the autonomous enterprise
In the world of low-code software application development, the use of generative AI is key among the factors now impacting the way platforms, suites, services and tools in this space are now developing. This is certainly true for Pega.  Alan...
Appian points to proficiently perfected partner practices
Appian used its 2023 partner award sessions its Appian World conference in San Diego to detail why it is calling out a specific set of winners.
Kubecon + CloudNativeCon Europe 2023 Kubernetes
The cloud contained, key Kubernetes cornerstones
What should technology practitioners be thinking about when it comes to Kubernetes?
Workday webinars
How Workday experts are taking aim at workforce challenges
Take a dive into the Workday hr webinar series where experts help enterprise leaders truly engage with their employees.
Going deeper into automation with UiPath’s Dev Dives series
Explore the UiPath Dev Dives webinar series to learn more about automation's full potential to accelerate human achievement.
IFS Sri Lanka drives innovation with next-gen platforms
ERP Today embarked on the IFS Sri Lanka media tour this year to witness the enterprise cloud organization’s Columbo-based innovation center and labs first-hand. Our second visit to the country, IFS appears to be leading the march to capture, nurture...
higher education transformation
Degrees of trust: Why higher ed reads up on software consultants
Full of highly lucrative contracts that are both high-value and long-lasting, the HE sector is set to give any ERP consultancy a solid foundation of revenue. And herein lies the crux of the issue.
NTT Research widens vision for optics lab for future computers
As a division of parent company NTT, NTT Research, Inc. is able to proffer its own news stream and announcements. This month sees the firm announce plans to double the size of its optical research facility in 2023. The announcement...
IFS marks 25 years in Sri Lanka 
A quarter century is worth celebrating for most people. Certainly, we know that royal families have been marking silver jubilees for at least 250 years if not longer. But for commercial organizations, this milestone is not always heralded in such...
autonomous vehicle
Race for autonomous vehicles must not lose sight of drivers
The UK government has given the green light for the roll-out of self-driving autonomous vehicles (AVs) in a move that could, in time, completely revolutionise the way people and goods travel by road.
KPMG and ServiceNow shine a light on the stark NHS recruitment gap
Michael Allen, partner and head of health and human services at KPGM has been investigating situation in three different NHS trusts.
Partying post-pandemic: Tech’s young professionals strike back with ERP Today
Over Prosecco and canapés, members of ERP Today’s Young Professionals Network  (YPN) opened up about what is needed for them to develop and thrive in enterprise technology. 
Riding the waves in insurance transformation with Oracle and PwC
Riding the waves in insurance transformation with Oracle and PwC
Insurance and finance are perpetually in flux. As one set of regulations is embedded into the industry, another appears on the horizon. Likewise, as one set of metrics is cemented into the reporting norms, another lot rises.
Volteo Digital RiseUp
Today Mexico, tomorrow the world: how Volteo Digital is powering RiseUp’s global agenda
While large layoffs in some quarters of the tech sector dominate the news, another story continuing to loom large over the industry is the talent shortage when it comes to specialist skillsets. With unabated demand for these skills set to...
ukisug SAP user
SAP user stats show dissatisfaction as S/4HANA deadline looms
This year’s UKISUG Connect event at the ICC in Birmingham continued to bring a mixed bag of news for SAP.
ServiceNow & Zoom EX
ServiceNow & Zoom partnership – the next frontier for EX?
How the recent partnership between ServiceNow and Zoom is an intriguing step towards building a more connected digital workplace. 
The only way is out – why ServiceNow’s RiseUp may be the solution the industry has been waiting for
RiseUp by ServiceNow promises an ambitious program to tackle the tech talent skills shortage.
IFS Cloud Cable Car, london
IFS Cloud Cable Car brings B2B, TikTok to Royal Docks
The IFS Cloud Cable Car is IFS’ biggest brand activation to date, climbing high over a very different landscape.