Anthropic leverages Google’s Cloud TPU v5e chips for AI inference

A person holding a phone with a digital cloud projection coming from it | Anthropic

Google has expanded its partnership with Anthropic, committing to the highest standards of AI security and safety, and will allow the company to leverage the latest generation Cloud TPU v5e chips for AI inference.

Since Anthropic’s founding in 2021, both companies have worked closely, with Anthropic leveraging AlloyDB, Google’s fully managed PostgreSQL-compatible database, to handle transactional data with high performance and reliability along with Google’s BigQuery data warehouse to analyze vast datasets and extract insights for its employees.

Additionally, Anthropic is also using Google Cloud’s security services, including Chronicle Security Operations, Secure Enterprise Browsing and Security Command Center.

Security Command Center will allow Anthropic to gain visibility into its Google Cloud environment and detect misconfigurations, while Secure Enterprise Browsing allows the company to secure access for managed and unmanaged devices for both employees and contractors.

Chronicle Security Operations provides Anthropic with AI-powered remediation with frontline threat intelligence through automation, as well as being able to create automated security controls, policies and configurations.

Now generally available, TPU v5e enables Anthropic to serve its Claude large language model (LLM) in a performant and efficient manner.

Thomas Kurian, CEO of Google Cloud, said: “Anthropic and Google Cloud share the same values when it comes to developing AI – it needs to be done in both a bold and responsible way.

“This expanded partnership with Anthropic, built on years of working together, will bring AI to more people safely and securely, and provides another example of how the most innovative and fastest growing AI startups are building on Google Cloud.”

Dario Amodei, co-founder and CEO of Anthropic, said: “Our longstanding partnership with Google is founded on a shared commitment to develop AI responsibly and deploy it in a way that benefits society.

“We look forward to our continued collaboration as we work to make steerable, reliable and interpretable AI systems available to more businesses around the world.”