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photo of an orange life buoy hanging on a wall | Oracle system support concept
From skeptic to believer: how to overcome Oracle’s fear tactics
At a time of consistent innovation and the need to stay on top of your system and software management, seeking third-party support can be a crucial step to success. With Spinnaker Support, you can arrive at a place where you’re...
photo of a man playing chess | guide on third-party support for CFO leaders
Navigating tomorrow: CFO’s leap into a future-proof IT ecosystem
In today’s constantly changing world, many CFOs of growing enterprises find themselves standing at a crossroads. As generative AI, economic uncertainty and global conflicts fuel rapid change, you’re charged with the task of balancing caution and prudence with an enthusiasm...
photo of a person holding a turned on light bulb | software support concept
It’s about time you get third-party software support, here’s why
Is it time to reduce the cost of your enterprise software support and utilize those savings for business-first initiatives? Find out here.
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Third-party support for Oracle
Read this paper from Spinnaker to learn how you can find cost predictability, architectural freedom, and increased service quality for your Oracle investment.
Cut the cord from Oracle-provided EBS support
This paper by Spinnaker explores the advantages of cutting the "support cord", when appropriate, and how to identify what changes are in your best interest.
Take control of your Oracle roadmap with third-party support
This guide by Spinnaker will answer key questions Oracle customers may have about their IT roadmap and what options they have for their legacy Oracle systems.
Composable ERP: Break free from vendor lock-ins
In this article by Spinnaker Support, we’ll dive deep into what composable ERP is, its benefits, challenges in implementation, and how you can overcome those challenges with a third-party support provider.
woman with a laptop at a desk
Spinnaker Support – third-party software assistant
Third-party software support has existed for more than fifteen years. While it began with specific Oracle applications, third-party support is now available for virtually any Oracle or SAP on-premise enterprise or infrastructure product set – including the newest release versions. Learn more about solutions offered by Spinnaker Support to help your organization.
man in office in front of a computer
What IT leaders need to know about third-party Oracle and SAP support
This guide provided by Spinnaker Support is designed to help IT leaders understand and build the internal case for third-party support, while efficiently driving the due diligence and decision-making processes.
three people standing with a map
The A-to-Z guide to third-party support
This comprehensive guide covers the A-to-Z of 3PS, from what it is, to why it’s adopted, to how you evaluate it, to what the actual customer experience is like. Whether you’re an IT expert, C-level executive, procurement specialist, or application end-user, you will find useful tips, stories and advice to help you determine if 3PS is the right choice for your organization.