What IT leaders need to know about third-party Oracle and SAP support

man in office in front of a computer

Savvy IT leaders are replacing software support provided by Oracle or SAP with third-party support. The substantial cost savings allow them to invest elsewhere, accelerate digitalization, and execute growth-focused initiatives. The improved quality of service that third-party support provides, including security and vulnerability protection, can keep your enterprise applications running at peak performance.

As an added benefit, you take control of your IT roadmap back from Oracle and SAP, precluding you from forced upgrades and premature cloud migrations. The third-party support provider takes over key aspects of Oracle and SAP support. Your IT team can focus on the highest business priorities and organizational strategies.

This guide provided by Spinnaker Support is designed to help IT leaders understand and build the internal case for third-party support, while efficiently driving the due diligence and decision-making processes. Third-party support is not for every organization, but every organization should investigate it. In your role, we believe you can benefit from the tips provided herein. Read the full guide.