Automation Anywhere bots find time for DVT

DVT has partnered with Automation Anywhere to empower its customers with robotic process automation (RPA) ‘software bots’, enabling them to automate their business processes end-to-end and free up business users to do higher value tasks.

Applying Automation Anywhere’s comprehensive RPA toolkit will provide the company with the full benefit of RPA without needing extensive technical skills or experience.

Futhi Luthango, practice head of AI, data and analytics at DVT, said: “Automation Anywhere gives our clients all the tools they need to create an end-to-end RPA system without needing any third-party tools or applications. Their tools are cloud based, so companies can scale up quickly and easily.”

Milan Sheth, EVP-IMEA at Automation Anywhere, explained: “Several business processes in an organisation still rely on human intervention to conclude repetitive and mundane tasks. Implementing intelligent automation helps companies to effectively deploy human resources to do insightful and creative jobs while ‘bots’ can take over mundane and repetitive tasks.”