AWS re:Invent announces launch of Amazon One Enterprise

AWS re:Invent

The AWS re:Invent event held in Las Vegas saw the launch of Amazon One Enterprise along with more strategic partnerships.

The new Amazon One Enterprise offering is a palm-based identity service for comprehensive authentication that improves organizational security and helps prevent costly security breaches. It is set to enable organizations to provide a fast contactless experience for employees and other authorized users to gain access to physical locations (e.g., data centers, office and residential buildings), as well as digital assets such as restricted software resources.

Dilip Kumar, vice president, AWS Applications, said: “Amazon One Enterprise’s palm recognition technology is designed to deliver a highly accurate identification service that increases an organization’s overall security, while offering seamless authentication management with lower operational overhead.”

Also revealed at the event, AWS and Clarity AI will advance their sustainable investing.

Clarity AI provides environmental and social insights to guarantee that both businesses and consumers make sustainable investment and purchasing decisions. The company runs its mission-critical platforms on AWS and uses AWS GenAI, machine learning (ML) and analytics capabilities to provide sustainability analysis tools for investing, corporate research, benchmarking, consumer e-commerce purchasing and regulatory reporting.

Prospectively, Clarity AI plans to expand its use of AWS generative AI and machine learning services such as Amazon Bedrock, a service that makes multiple foundation models available via an API, to harness innovative technologies, help them streamline their model development process and strengthen their inference capabilities.

Matt Garman, senior vice president of sales, marketing and global services, AWS, said: “Generative AI has the potential to transform every application, business and industry, and Clarity AI is a great example of how this technology can deliver important benefits for business, society and the planet, helping the world make more sustainable investments and purchase decisions.”

Also announced at re:Invent, AWS and The Very Group are expanding their partnership to accelerate retail innovation with Gen AI.

As part of the collaboration, Very will launch a new Gen AI Innovation Lab powered by generative AI, machine learning and storage capabilities to deliver interactive and personalized digital shopping experiences to millions of customers.

Very engineers and data teams will work closely with teams from the newly launched $100 million AWS Generative AI Innovation Center to leverage AWS generative AI capabilities through Amazon Bedrock. AI experts will help Very securely use generative AI at scale, navigate technical challenges, and roll out new experiences for customers faster and with less heavy lifting.

Matt Grest, CIO, The Very Group, said: “We want to be recognized as one of the UK’s leading AI-powered retailers. To keep our customers satisfied and transform our business operations, we’ve chosen to build on our existing strategic relationship with AWS and incubate new generative AI-powered products with a trusted collaborator and innovator who understands how we work with data at scale.”