Bayer chooses Infor to manage assets

Bayer, the pharmaceutical and life science group, has chosen Infor EAM (opens in a new tab)" href=",to%20address%20your%20unique%20challenges." target="_blank">Infor EAM to manage its asset portfolio, starting at its Bitterfield site in Germany. Infor partner RODIAS will help Bayer deploy Infor EAM in a multi-tenant cloud environment. Once the deployment is successful Bayer says it will look to roll out Infor to other sites.

Infor’s EAM solution will be integrated with Bayer’s existing ERP system, so employees can manage the lifecycle of all machinery. In the event of deviation from normal operation, the system will be flagged for preventative maintenance in real time. The project will involve the creation of digital twins in 3D which will enable faulty components to be identified.

By using Infor’s EAM solution, Bayer expects to have an innovative tool to improve its asset performance and minimise costs. According to Bayer, one of the key advantages of Infor’s solution was the ability to visualise respective plants as digital twins and connect them to mobile devices.

Jörg Jung, Infor executive vice president for EMEA said: “The pace of the market is picking up significantly in all sectors. Naturally, this will increase the demands for efficient production and the associated IT infrastructure in every company. By using Infor EAM, Bayer Bitterfeld expects to benefit from more transparency, control, and better decision-making options in production operations. As a result, the company is well equipped to improve the performance and efficiency of its sites.”