Be the Pace of Innovation – Move from SAP to Oracle Cloud – The True Cloud

It is well-established that the dramatic productivity improvements offered by modern cloud applications, are key to address the performance gap. Many organisations, including SAP customers, see the benefits of modernizing their existing on-premise applications. Moving to the cloud can help SAP customers add value to their business and overcome the challenges SAP poses, which include:

  • Ambiguity around SAP’s end of life support
  • Low cost to business value realization
  • Rigid and heavily customized platforms with a low scope for innovation
  • Lack of clear migration path to S/4HANA
  • Pillar-centric with no integrated data model
  • Disparate systems for advanced modules like AI and IoT
  • Multiple SLA and data models
  • Partially automatic upgrades
Oracle Cloud – The Right Choice

The cloud helps organizations keep up with the accelerating pace of innovation so that they can respond to market changes quickly. With its highly scalable and secure infrastructure, the cloud also enables businesses to reduce IT and infrastructure costs sizeably. 

The Oracle Cloud adds to these advantages of cloud technology with its future-ready applications that not only help you keep up with the pace of innovation, but also allow you to be the pace of innovation. Here are some of the value additions Oracle Cloud empowers organizations with:

  • Time to value – Shorter implementation projects for faster, more predictable returns on your strategic investment
  • New revenue models – Use the flexibility of cloud applications to quickly launch new products and services to market
  • Return to core competencies – Spend less time on running and maintaining technology and more time on your core business strategy
  • End-to-end processes – Fewer ‘swivel chair’ processes, involving entering data from one system to another. With a single data model, transactions go straight through the entire process without the need to re-enter data
  • Scalability to support growth – Oracle Cloud has been extensively tested for scalability, supporting organizations of all sizes – from SMBs to large enterprises
  • Future-proof – Oracle has a clear vision for the cloud and has been cited by customers to be one of their most strategic technology vendors. It is leading the way with ML, digital assistants, blockchain and other emerging technologies embedded in its apps.
Why Businesses Choose Evosys Glide For Their Oracle Cloud Transformation?

90+ businesses have successfully transformed to Oracle Cloud with Evosys Glide. This custom approach can help you make the most of your Oracle Cloud transformation. With Evosys Glide you can:

  • Adopt a KPI-driven approach with value-based analytics
  • Realize ROI up to 2.4X faster
  • Decrease TCO and lower IT costs by up to 52%
  • Increase staff productivity by up to 60% with better system utilization
  • Automate processes by up to 70% 
  • Leverage technology for proactive customer service
  • Have better control and visibility of decision influencing information

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Moving to the cloud is the way ahead for companies that wish to be future-ready and Oracle Cloud can give them the edge they need to be a game-changer. In order to extract the maximum value out of their Oracle Cloud transformation, businesses need to drive their transformation with pre-set KPIs and rely on an outcome-based delivery approach like Evosys Glide, which combines Oracle Cloud expertise with value-based analytics.