Beyond Inc. expands investment in Salesforce to enrich customer experience

aerial photograph of a shopping mall with escalators and multiple floors | Salesforce solutions for customer experience

Beyond, Inc., the owner of e-commerce brands Bed Bath and Beyond, Overstock and Zulily, has announced an expanded investment in Salesforce‘s data and marketing solutions to drive customer loyalty and deliver more personalized shopping experiences for customers across the company’s brands.

To unify customer data across its brands and enterprise data systems, Beyond will now use Salesforce Data Cloud, powered by the Einstein 1 Platform. Using this data is projected to help Beyond better understand who its customers are, how they act and how they engage across brands.

Additionally, the investment will promise the ability for Beyond to take action on these insights using Salesforce Marketing Cloud to execute personalized journeys that increase customer loyalty and spending across brands.

“The Beyond management team made a commitment to vastly improve the way we ingest, process and utilize our valuable customer data,” said Marcus Lemonis, executive chairman of the Beyond board of directors. He shared that the company’s growth should be driven by “a profitable mindset to invest in customers who show a propensity to buy and return”.

“Our active customer file growth must be process- and profit-minded and these tools dramatically enhance that capability”, Lemonis added.

Carlisha Robinson, chief customer officer at Beyond, said that the company’s work with Salesforce “signifies a new era for Beyond, with digital at the forefront of our growth initiatives”.

She added that by harnessing the capabilities of the Einstein 1 Platform, Beyond will be able to “tap the power of AI and data to reach customers in a more personalized way and drive loyalty providing the same unique and tailored experience shopping online as they get when they walk into a retail store.”

Ariel Kelman, chief marketing officer at Salesforce, also commented on the news: “Giving customers personalized experiences and choices that are meaningful and intentional is how businesses win in today’s customer-connected world.

“Beyond is using Salesforce’s trusted AI, Data Cloud and integration technology to deliver highly compelling personalized experiences that turn casual single-brand customers into long-term customers […]. This will help Beyond drive revenue growth and enhance customer relationships in a whole new way.”