BSI celebrates 30 Year Anniversary as an SAP Partner

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Business Software Inc, an SAP partner, has said it will continue collaborating with SAP on new initiatives to provide the “best possible support” to its joint customers.

In addition, this year marks 30 years since BSI became an SAP partner, bringing payroll tax technologies to SAP customers.

In an exclusive Q&A with SAPinsider, Russell Rindik, SVP Operations at Business Software, Inc. (BSI), said that the company hopes to build on its “leadership position” in the payroll tax software industry and provide “first-class” products for its customers.

The partnership began 14 years after the inception of BSI, which was founded with the goal of creating industry-specific products that would change the way payroll departments manage their payroll compliance processes, according to Rindik.

Its original flagship application, BSI-TAX – now known as TaxFactory – was originally written in Cobol for mainframes, converted to C for client-servers in the 90s and made its transition to the cloud recently.

Looking to the future, Rindik said BSI will explore modern technologies and methodologies that will allow the company to innovate and create solutions aimed at meeting the needs of its customers.

Rindik said: “Today, we continue to develop cloud-based software solutions, which allow businesses to manage their payroll tax processes from anywhere in the world. Over the years, we have continued to build on our initial foundation and have consistently been at the forefront of technological advancements in the industry.

“We believe that the key to creating software that people truly need is to focus on the user experience. We invest heavily in research and development and we always keep our customers’ needs and preferences in mind. We regularly gather feedback from our users and use that feedback to guide our product development process. By doing so, we can create payroll tax solutions that meet the needs of our users.”