California dreamin’ as UCR selects Google Cloud for education modernization

The University of California, Riverside (UCR) has chosen Google Cloud to modernize its enterprise infrastructure and support its research program.

Google Cloud is the most favored cloud platform powering research globally, and will aid UCR through increasing computing speed, agility, and scale for researchers, and by improving collaboration across other Research 1 (R1) institutions.

Google Cloud will allow ITS to provide innovative IT services that support the University’s mission by providing UCR with researchers who have access to secure research workstations and storage, auto-scaling high-performance computing clusters, infinity scaling databases and AI and machine-learning services through the Google Cloud Platform. 

Google Cloud Anthos will also be used to implement a location-agnostic application modernization strategy, as well as Google’s Chronicle, which will equip the university with security monitoring and automation which allow ITS to provide more efficient threat detection, analysis and response. 

As part of the launch of the collaboration, UCR ITS and Google will host an on-campus Innovative Research Orientation on March 13th. 

“Modernizing our infrastructure enables us to offer our researchers opportunities that are currently unprecedented in higher education in terms of computing research. We’re removing administrative barriers so that our research community can focus on advancing and accelerating important work,” said Matthew Gunkel, associate vice chancellor and CIO of Information Technology Solutions (ITS) at UCR. “We believe this will drive increased research output and a subsequent increase in campus funding, global recognition, and prestigious academic researchers coming to work for the University.”

“UCR is a trailblazer for higher education institutions and is pushing the boundaries of digital transformation within their field,” said Karen Dahut, CEO of Google Public Sector. “Our partnership is helping to make research accessible and cost-efficient for UCR faculty and students, at a time when improved research outcomes, increased productivity, and collaboration are more important than ever. Our work with UCR allows researchers to focus on the science, while Google Public Sector powers the enterprise infrastructure facilitating the innovation.”