Capgemini collaboration designs new 5G solution

image of Capgemini building | Capgemini | Nive Bhagat

Announced at MWC Barcelona 2023, Schneider Electric, Capgemini and Qualcomm Technologies have entered into a collaboration in a first-of-its-kind 5G-enabled automated hoisting solution.

The three companies have joined efforts on design and installation of the solution at Schneider Electric’s hoisting lab in Grenoble, France. The 5G Private Network solution demonstrates how it can simplify and optimize digital technology deployment at scale across industrial sites, from steel plants to ports.

Capgemini has worked closely with Schneider Electric to design an optimized end-to-end 5G solution and identify business outcomes on Schneider Electric’s industrial use case. It has also provided systems integration support based on Qualcomm Technologies’ latest innovations and assisted Schneider Electric to integrate the 5G network with its use cases, to characterize and optimize the system.

“This collaboration with Schneider Electric demonstrates Capgemini’s unique ability to partner with clients to take advantage of technologies to innovate and create new use cases for their industry. The 5G end-to-end solution customized for Schneider Electric’s hoisting system is a good example of the added value of 5G for industrial communication and really illustrates its potential to transform an industry segment,” said Fotis Karonis, group leader of 5G and Edge Computing at Capgemini. “Advanced connectivity, 5G and Edge computing technologies are strong enablers and accelerators for this move towards a digital economy and innovative use cases. They allow industrial clients to redesign systems and processes and make them more efficient, agile and intelligent.”

Marc Lafont, vice president, innovation and upstream marketing, Schneider Electric, said: “Digital transformation is helping Schneider Electric customers generate step-change advancements in productivity, efficiency and sustainability, but not one company can do it alone.

“Schneider Electric has always been a proponent of collaboration and the innovation that comes with it. This breakthrough end-to-end 5G private network hoisting solution is a perfect example of the power of working together as we pilot it at end user sites this year. In addition, in the short-term, we will validate more industrial 5G use cases in various discrete manufacturing, hybrid automation and process automation applications. In the mid-term, we will experiment with deeper integration of 5G technology inside our automation equipment.”