Capgemini links up with Unity on metaverse solutions

Stock VR image | Capgemini and Unity

Capgemini and Unity, a development platform for creating and operating real-time 3D content, are joining forces to help organizations seize the benefits of immersive and metaverse experiences.

Over the years, Capgemini and Unity have delivered numerous projects for global companies together, such as building an interactive application for a major consumer goods company that allows sales teams to visualize shelf space layouts in 3D and developing an immersive simulator for a fire fighting vehicle manufacturer to train its operators.

The two companies will now jointly conduct R&D projects as part of the Capgemini Metaverse Lab, contributing to the building of the future metaverse/Web3. Together, they will design and scale tailored metaverse solutions for clients to help accelerate the convergence between the physical and digital worlds.

Unity’s expertise in real-time 3D and immersive experiences will enhance Capgemini’s customer and employee experience strategy as well as its front-end development and integration capabilities. With its global footprint, its deep industry expertise and understanding of client needs, and its ability to deliver on large-scale digital transformation projects, Capgemini will help to speed the growth of Unity’s technology platform.

Pascal Brier, chief innovation officer at Capgemini and member of the group executive committee, said: “Metaverse and immersive experiences open a whole universe of possibilities for our clients across industries, from enabling more emotional connections with consumers, and reinventing employee experience and collaboration, to optimizing engineering, manufacturing and operations using digital twins. Shaping sector-specific use cases and developing them at scale will require expert technical and operational capabilities. We are thrilled to partner with Unity, one of the major engines of the metaverse, to enable our clients to realize its real business value.”

Marc Whitten, senior vice president and general manager at Unity, added: “We are delighted to partner with Capgemini to accelerate the adoption of real time 3D technologies across a number of industries. Unity’s real-time 3D solutions will bring many new companies into the next generation of the internet, or metaverse, helping them achieve greater engagement with their customers.”