A series of cables plugged into a connection board | Global Shop Solutions on-premise ERP
Modern on-premise ERP for the manufacturing sector
Remember, when you’re deciding about what ERP solution to choose, don’t just dive straight for a provider. Research, take your time choosing and consider that an on-premise ERP could be the answer to your manufacturing woes.
A side-on view of an audience listening intently to someone out-of-frame | fudgelearn digital transformation
During a digital transformation, don’t forget your workforce
As businesses take future-proofing measures in an attempt to stay afloat among stormy seas, several different factors need to be considered and planned for. A digital transformation can sometimes be a top-to-bottom overhaul of most of a firm’s processes. As...
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Third-Party Support for Oracle
Read this paper from Spinnaker to learn how you can find cost predictability, architectural freedom, and increased service quality for your Oracle investment.
Cut the Cord from Oracle-Provided E-Business Suite Support
This paper by Spinnaker explores the advantages of cutting the "support cord", when appropriate, and how to identify what changes are in your best interest.
Take Control of your Oracle roadmap with third-party support
This guide by Spinnaker will answer key questions Oracle customers may have about their IT roadmap and what options they have for their legacy Oracle systems.
Case Study: Tranos and Global Shop Solutions
Read the story of how Global Shop Solutions helped Tranos bring organization and order to the company's data tracking processes, providing quick access to real-time shop floor data and reducing production and quality costs.
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Case Study: DesignPro Automation
Read this case study where DesignPro, with the help of Global Shop Solutions, was able to make tangible process changes that yielded immediate results. 
Composable ERP: Break Free from Vendor Lock-ins
In this article by Spinnaker Support, we’ll dive deep into what composable ERP is, its benefits, challenges in implementation, and how you can overcome those challenges with a third-party support provider.
Fudgelearn TNA Free Template
A Training Needs Analysis (TNA) is the cornerstone of a successful and meaningful training program, facilitating user adoption. It identifies and evaluates how training will be delivered and matches the right users to the relevant training courses based on their roles and daily tasks. Download the template by Fudgelearn.
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Artificial intelligence in modern software projects
Read this article which addresses the importance of innovation to answer modern problems, and how AI minimizes the time and risk of challenging test cases. 
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How to make your move to SAP S/4HANA® a success
This executive summary by SNP Group draws key insights from comprehensive analysis and addresses the important issues. It sheds light on the motivation behind the transition, discusses the ideal timing for transformation and provides an overview of the various migration approaches. 
Coop case study
Case Study: Enormous 15-hour Migration Moves Coop to SAP S/4HANA® Successfully
Read about how SNP Group helped Coop migrate large ERP systems and ensure a smooth migration with minimal disruption during and after the go-live. 
the data whisperer thumbnail
The Data Whisperer – JiVS IMP and Deloitte Consulting
The “data whisperers” in this whitepaper are Data Migration International and Deloitte Consulting. The latter has developed a proven framework for data archiving and governance. Perfectly complementing the consulting firm’s expertise is the JiVS Information Management Platform (JiVS IMP) from Data Migration International.
The Data Weaver book cover
eBook – The Data Weaver: How Chief Data Officers Win the Data Race Now
Evolve into “Masters of the Dataverse” with the new book "The Data Weaver: How Chief Data Officers Win the Data Race Now" by Andreas Graesser, a distinguished Professor of Management Information Systems at Villanova University and the innovative mind behind innovad LLC.
Pre-projects bye-bye thumbnail
S/4 transformation without pre-projects? Yes, please,
This article from Data Migration International proves that even though old data can be a blind spot, you can still transform it with one platform and remove the need for preliminary projects.
with one click to s/4hana video thumbnail
With One Click to S/4HANA: The Bühler Story
Watch the video to learn about how by deploying JiVS as a tailored solution, Bühler was able to separate its historical data from its operational data, store the historical information in a centralized, secure environment, and switch off its legacy systems.
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Video: How to Migrate Quickly and Successfully to SAP S/4HANA
Learn more about how your organization can optimize operational data, greatly improving its quality before it’s migrated into S/4, while ensuring 100% legal compliance.
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User Psychology: Why is it important for successful ERP implementation?
Fudgelearn has sectioned their Webinar into 5 easy-to-watch videos discussing Change Communication, delivering effective training, and how User Psychology can aid in engaging end-users for a successful user-adoption.
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ServiceNow Meets Generative AI: The Dynamic Duo for Your ITSM Evolution
Read the article by Unifii to learn how ServiceNow has taken the plunge to infuse its top-notch ITSM product suite with cutting-edge Generative AI technology, to help customers get further cost-savings and productivity enhancements.
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ESG Management Simplified: How ServiceNow Gets the Job Done
The ESG framework isn’t just about portraying a rosy image of your organization, it is also the compass to guide you through the ever-changing business landscape and steer your ship in the right direction. Learn how Unifii can help with your ServiceNow ESG Management starting from the basics. 
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Decoding DORA: How Can ServiceNow Help?
Read the guide by Unifii to help you navigate the DORA framework to ensure your organization is prepared.
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How Unifii’s Platform Management Can Get You More With Less Cost
Read the article by Unifii to learn how they can help keep your platform in good hands and focus on growing your business.  
From risk to intelligence with data and S/4
In this article, Thomas Failer, founder and CEO of Data Migration International, brings new aspects to the discussion around the S/4 conversion.
thumbnail What are the choices
Whitepaper: What are the data loading choices?
In this whitepaper by More4apps, we explore the options many organizations can consider when improving their process for mass loading data into EBS or ERP databases.
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5 Signs You’ve Outgrown Your Entry-Level Finance System
Read the full article from 7FC that explores five key indicators that suggest it’s time for an upgrade.
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Spinnaker Support – Third-Party Software Support
Third-party software support has existed for more than fifteen years. While it began with specific Oracle applications, third-party support is now available for virtually any Oracle or SAP on-premise enterprise or infrastructure product set – including the newest release versions. Learn more about solutions offered by Spinnaker Support to help your organization.
man in office in front of a computer
What IT Leaders Need to Know About Third-Party Oracle and SAP Support
This guide provided by Spinnaker Support is designed to help IT leaders understand and build the internal case for third-party support, while efficiently driving the due diligence and decision-making processes.
three people standing with a map
The A-to-Z Guide to Third-Party Support
This comprehensive guide covers the A-to-Z of 3PS, from what it is, to why it’s adopted, to how you evaluate it, to what the actual customer experience is like. Whether you’re an IT expert, C-level executive, procurement specialist, or application end-user, you will find useful tips, stories and advice to help you determine if 3PS is the right choice for your organization.
oracle cloud toolbox overview video
Video: The More4apps ERP Cloud Toolbox overview
Watch the video to learn how More4apps ERP Cloud Toolbox allows users to create, download, and update data from the comfort of an Excel spreadsheet.
EBS toolbox overview video thumbnail
Video: More4apps EBS Toolbox – #1 End-User Focused Spreadsheet Solution
Watch the video to learn how the More4apps EBS Toolbox combines the power of Excel and Oracle to release talented staff from repetitive data tasks.