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Your software support contract is up for renewal. Here’s what you need to know
Every year businesses spend millions on their software support, and whatever software your business is using – whether that’s Oracle, SAP, Salesforce – you’ll have a software maintenance package to accompany it. Typically, these contracts are renewed annually, and when...
Elon Musk buys Twitter; Oracle in, Salesforce out
Looks like Elon Musk has done it and bought Twitter. The acquisition of one of the world's biggest social media sites was a legally fraught one, as has been well-documented. Not so widely covered? The background presence in the story of a few big names in enterprise tech, namely Oracle CTO and co-founder Larry Ellison, and Bret Taylor, co-CEO of Salesforce. The latter was chair of Twitter’s board of directors until Musk's takeover became reality.
Oracle deepens its reach into social media, sort of
On the back of a deal to support TikTok when it came under pressure from the Trump administration, Oracle founder and CTO, Larry Ellison, has now agreed to pump $1bn of his own cash into the funding pool to acquire...
It’s time to stop using ERP for reporting and analytics
Graham Spicer, country head, EMEA at SplashBI Analytics, outlines five ways why a self-service reporting system is vital for business.
Oracle’s move to vertically-focussed sales teams
At the turn of Oracle’s financial year in June, they restructured a large number of their sales teams to be more industry-focussed. This could be because Oracle is already experiencing more success in settings where vertical expertise is important - they are listed at #6 in the Cloud Wars ranking but have reached #3 in Industry Cloud rankings.
Oracle’s modernised partner network
Historically ERP vendors sold licences and left their partners to worry about the success, or otherwise, of the implementation thereof. In the old world, when projects took years to complete and value was an immeasurable notion, the relationship between vendor,...
Under par and counting my blessings
It is hard to believe that we are approaching a year since the first lockdown due to the pandemic. In many ways it has felt like forever and in other ways it has flown by – a year of working from home, looking out the window of my home office and still scratching my head and wondering if this is just a dream.
Who is Really Benefitting from the Oracle Continuous Innovation Model?
portfolio. The model supposedly eliminates disruptions from major upgrades, lets licensees pick and choose upgrade implementation, and provides long-term premium support. Sounds great…but for whom? Dan Woods from Early Adopter Research surfaces some important pitfalls of the continuous delivery model.
Is your application landscape an appreciating asset?
Businesses that are thriving now are in large part the ones that had already embraced digital subscription models, transactions that flow without intervention, and remote workforces. These measures helped them during the pandemic as customers pivoted to online commerce in greater numbers and offices shut down.