City of Carmel, Indiana, powers smart city infrastructure with HPE Aruba

a municipal building in The City of Carmel in Indiana, US | City of Carmel, Indiana, powers smart city infrastructure with HPE Aruba Networking

The City of Carmel in Indiana, US, has enhanced its focus on quality of life by modernizing its wired and wireless networking infrastructure with a Wi-Fi 6E-enabled HPE Aruba Networking solution from Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

The city which is often heading the ‘best places to live’ indexes hopes to expand its innovation with the end-to-end wired and wireless deployment, improving public and staff mobility in support of its arts scene, seasonal festivals and public amenities. The city’s environment has contributed to livability and has attracted more than 130 corporate headquarters to the area. 

Morgan Rinehart, network administrator for the City of Carmel, Indiana, said: “Whether it’s public Wi-Fi, enterprise mobility, IoT-enabled solutions or other connected technologies, having the fast, secure and reliable unified access delivered by HPE Aruba Networking is key to fulfilling our role.”

The City of Carmel is also upping its smart city infrastructure, including free public Wi-Fi across 60 venues for public safety systems, in addition to free 24/7 public parking garages, helping limit sprawl by encouraging core population density.

“Innovative municipalities dedicated to providing indoor and outdoor services, regardless of the weather, require networking infrastructure engineered for environmental extremes,” said Stuart Strickland, wireless CTO at HPE Aruba Networking. 

“Whether it’s gaining real-time event attendance insights, making staffing adjustments during festivals or enabling the public to stream high-definition video to family and friends, high-performance intelligent Wi-Fi and wired networking enable the City of Carmel to deliver the exceptional smart city services that support a strong sense of community.”

Responding to mobile and IoT data traffic demands that accompany smart city deployments while minimizing operating overhead, the City of Carmel adopted an AI-powered wired and wireless solution that includes the generation of outdoor Wi-Fi for over 95 acres of exterior spaces and Wi-Fi 6E for over a quarter million square feet of indoor facilities.

“In addition to positive feedback on the free connectivity, our new Wi-Fi 6E gets high marks internally,” said Rinehart. “This includes law enforcement and public safety staff, who report a 66 percent reduction in the time required to upload body cam, drone footage and other video media daily.”

“For IT, network intelligence has reduced its deployment labor costs by 30 percent, cut device configuration time by 50 percent and reduced troubleshooting time-to-resolution by another 50 percent. This has enabled the city to re-focus IT resources on higher-value initiatives,” Rinehart said.

HPE Aruba Networking also recently helped the Neyland Stadium, University of Tennessee, with the generation of Wi-Fi connectivity using an AI-powered solution by Hewlett Packard Enterprise that features Wi-Fi 6E for indoor areas, along with the latest generation of outdoor Wi-Fi, enabling fans to stream unlimited content during NCAA Division I football games.