Cognizant and Google Cloud expand partnership to accelerate AI

abstract image of brain | Cognizant and Google Cloud extend partnership

Cognizant and Google Cloud have announced they will be expanding their partnership to accelerate the adoption of AI by businesses around the world. 

This partnership will enable Cognizant to expand its product offerings by providing training resources for tech talent development on Google Cloud, and prompt collaboration and innovation using AI by launching innovation hubs in key technology centers worldwide. 

Cognizant will also be able to leverage Google Cloud’s generative AI, Predictive AI and analytics capabilities through building a suite of transformative solutions for all industries from its existing Data Modernization and Data Analytics specializations. The first solution suites to be offered will be for the banking, insurance, life sciences, and retail industries.

Google Cloud’s new suite of generative AI products, including large language models (LLMs) and Gen App Builder will be beneficial to Cognizant.​​ The Gen App Builder can exploit Google Cloud generative AI to significantly lower rollout barriers for high-value enterprise use cases such as Conversational AI and Enterprise Search. 

A series of Google Cloud AI Innovation hubs will also be opened by Cognizant in Bangalore, London, and San Francisco. These hubs will bring Cognizant experts, Google Cloud experts, customers and university students together to collaborate on responsible AI projects and solutions.

“I’m extremely excited by the recent breakthroughs in generative AI that can help us move toward transforming our clients’ businesses while accelerating their productivity and thereby driving significant impact,” said Ravi Kumar, CEO of Cognizant. “By expanding our long-standing alliance with Google Cloud to leverage our existing technology capabilities, upskill our talent, and deliver advanced technologies to our clients, Cognizant will play a critical role in supporting the global shift to responsible AI use.”

“Generative AI has the potential to create significant business value by streamlining how we work, creating new consumer experiences, helping people better utilize data, and much more,” said Thomas Kurian, CEO at Google Cloud. “Our partnership with Cognizant will accelerate enterprises’ application of generative AI with more highly skilled AI experts, new solutions focused on creating business value, and deep experience applying Google Cloud technologies to industries like financial services, healthcare and life sciences, and retail.”